April Kelly, social marketing trailblazer and author of the upcoming book Spaghetti on the Wall, met with Cornhusker Boys’ State delegates this morning to discuss the benefits and dangers of social networking. In her discussion, she encouraged delegates to check their Facebook pages to ensure that no documentation of questionable behavior exists, as the percentage of employers using Facebook to investigate potential employees is near 40% and rising. She also encouraged delegates to use social media to further their professional careers which are getting underway. Kelly suggested that all delegates join LinkedIn to connect with other professionals, and noted the benefits of having access to a second “tier” of professional connections, more easily explained as having connections to “colleagues of colleagues.” By building up this professional network, delegates would be able to expand their professional base, and may be more likely to get hired for a particular job or internship in the future. In fact, when looking at business profiles on LinkedIn, users are able to see if their connections, whether in a “first tier” or in a “higher tier,” have affiliations with those businesses. This feature easily gives users a point of access into a business. By the end of the discussion, nearly all of the delegates in attendance seemed interested in joining this social network.

April Kelly’s new book, Spaghetti on the Wall, is scheduled to be released in mid-July.



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