What is a Nationalist & Federalist?

What is a Nationalist and Federalist?  Soon, we will know!

Nationalists and Federalists are the two political parties at Cornhusker Boys’ State.  They are NOT Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc.  Each delegate to Boys’ State is randomly assigned a political party.  The two groups will gather, debate, and construct a platform from scratch.  This task generally proves to be challenging and teaches valuable lessons in communication, compromise, and negotiation.

Once the platforms have been formed,  candidates will begin their campaigns for elected office.  Stay tuned for more election results later in the week.

Party Meetings 2

Party Meetings

Governor Dave Heineman Addresses Joint Session of Boys’ and Girls’ State

After a rousing concert performed by the Boys’ State / Girls’ State band and chorus, the honorable Governor Dave Heineman addressed a joint session of Cornhusker Boys’ and Girls’ State in one of his final appearances as Nebraska’s Governor. He rallied Husker camaraderie by voicing his support and enthusiasm for the coming football and volleyball seasons in the Big Ten Conference. Nebraska Huskers football coach Bo Pelini made an appearance, as did Nebrasketball assistant coach Jim Molinari.


Dr. Peter Eklund conducts the Boys’/Girls’ State Chorus


Gov. Heineman answered audience questions for more than an hour on Wednesday night


Nebraska Cornhuskers football coach Bo Pelini addresses CBS/CGS joint session


Walter Paul Elected Governor of Cornhusker Boys’ State

Congratulations to Walter Paul of Alamo on his recent election to the office of Cornhusker Boys’ State Governor. Originally from Uganda, Governor-Elect Paul comes to us from Omaha, Nebraska and will be formally sworn into office tomorrow morning in front of the entire delegation. Paul will serve as Governor into June of 2014.



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