General Election Results 2017

The results of the 2017 Boys State general election are final (exept for Governor which is determined Friday afternoon).  Congratulations to all the winners.

State Offices

Lt. Governor – Kevin Downs

Secretary of State – Jose Vazquez

State Treasurer – Kaleb Kindler

State Auditor – Nathan Weidner

Attorney General – Alexander Fairchild-Flynn

Public Service Commissioners

  • Jared Baumert
  • Isaac Stallbaumer
  • Jacob French
  • Paxton Myers
  • Garet Savick

Washington County

Sherrif – Philip Turner

Attorney – Kade Bose

Clerk – Travis Doerr

Clerk of the District Court – none

County Treasurer – Brett Peterson

Lincoln County

Sheriff – Dylan Wieneke

Attorney – Tanner Rowe

Clerk – Noah Anderson

Clerk of the District Court – Jaden Himmelberg & Benjamin Clark

County Treasurer – William Turner



Nationalist Party Convention

By: Ezekeial Aleo

Tuesday morning was the beginning of the Nationalist Party convention. Topics ranging from GMOs to education reform were discussed. The most heated topics were GMOs and the Second Amendment. In the end, out of the five topics discussed, three remained the same, one was amended, and the other was completely removed.
After the platform was discussed, possible party candidates gave their speeches on the execution of the platform. The position of Lt. Governor was sought after by six candidates who all gave amazing speeches, but, in the end, Kevin Downs won. For the position of Secretary of State there were eight potential candidates, but only Jose Vazquez won. The race for Attorney General consisted of seven Candidates–all who showed great promise. Issac Buitron ultimately rose to the top to take the position. There were three potential Auditors with Nathan Weidner taking the position. Out of eight candidates the position of Treasurer went to Kaleb Kindler. While Public Service Commissioner may have been the last position, it was by no means unimportant with six candidates running, and Jarred Baumert, Issac Stallbaumer, Jacob French, Paxton Myers, and Garett Savick all winning.

First Chance to Vote!

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By: Ethan Tylski
City-wide elections to determine Mayors, City Councilors, School Board members, County Supervisors, and State Legislators took place late Sunday night.
For the first time all week, the boys were separated by their preassigned party allegiances to vote in primary elections. Even numbers became the Nationalists, and odd numbers became the Federalists. The primaries quickly became heated with party rhetoric and newly discovered disdain for their political rivals.
In the general election, both parties crammed into their lounge areas to debate and campaign against one another. While candidates had been decidedly partisan only minutes before, the general election nominees became significantly more focused on city pride and unity.
Catchy slogans were a significant factor in whether or not a candidate succeeded or not. With so many positions available and many different names to remember, alliterations and rhymes helped distinguish some from the rest of the crop. Election results were counted in the laundry rooms to ensure voter integrity.
The true diversity and amazing qualification of all the Staters became increasingly evident throughout these initial elections. For the first time, these young men had the opportunity to reveal to everyone else what they were really made of and why they deserved to be a city leader. No one at Boys’ State got here by accident.

Local Leadership is Elected

The bell for the 77th session of Cornhusker Boys State rang at 2:30pm on Sunday and by the end of the day our local leadership was elected in each town. Our towns elected 18 positions during the voting; Mayor, a 5 member city council, a county supervisor, a 5 member school board and 6 members to represent them in the Legislature.

MAYOR: Kalen Dittrich
CITY COUNCIL: Philip Turner, Eli Fink, Luke Baumert, Tucker Pinyam, Colton Schmidt
SCHOOL BOARD: Michael Rahe, Gavin Avery, Kyle Borchers, Alex Leperley, Mason Roth
SENATORS: Luke Peters, Jaden Feeney, Vasili Sgourakis, Garrett Savick, Brette Petersen, Bryce McClaren

MAYOR: Riley Knust
CITY COUNCIL: Ryker Hot, Kade Bose, Mason Debaets, Joshua Trede, Jeremy Ondracek
SCHOOL BOARD: Cade Connell, Dawson Helmer, Justin Lange, Chase Streeter, Jacob Polk
SENATORS: Gregory Kipp, Ambrose Bykerk, Jacob French, Nathan Weidner, Ryan Chapman, Ryan Kisker

MAYOR: Grayson Stanton
CITY COUNCIL: Reece McFarland, Caleb Schultis, Michael Buehre Stackpole, Levi Johansen, Tyson Trotter
SCHOOL BOARD: Scott Fulsos, Lincoln Schoenrock, Jack Linders, Nicholas Burger, Jason Jensen
SENATORS: Kade Wehrs, Grant Moody, Oliver Borchers-Williams, Max Hansen, Colton Thompson, Brent Lucke

MAYOR: Brett Hilbers
CITY COUNCIL: Isaac Buitron, Kyree Hazelton, Anthony Beavers, Marshall Garner, Tyler Wall
SCHOOL BOARD: Carson Shanahan, Alexander Goll, Nate Buck, Jeff Storer
SENATORS: Thomas McFarland, Jose Vazquezm, Jake Sykora, Leon Linhart, Michael McClell

MAYOR: Dominic Naughtin
CITY COUNCIL: Nicholas McConnell, Zachary Dietrich, Alex Hagerbaumer, Hayes Oswald, Brady Brockhaus
SCHOOL BOARD: Shayden Neptune, Zane Goldfish, William Turner, Dalton Tremayne, Preston Rice
SENATORS: Nicholas Koehler, William Stout, Alexander Porter, Samuel Johnson, Grant Hallstrom, Isaac Stallbaumer

MAYOR: Jonathon Copley
CITY COUNCIL: Simon Otte, Ryan Range, Ryan Brandt, Matthew Wegener, Gregory Hubbard
SCHOOL BOARD: Cameron Calleroz, Jacob Tracy, Charles Johnson, Dylan Wieneke, Jayden Schroder
SENATORS: Kaleb Kindler, Max Nemec, Ross Adkins, Joel Moeller, Wesley Wach, Caleb Sudbeck

MAYOR: John Brockmeier
CITY COUNCIL: Logan Rebbe, Casey Brentlinger, Kort Dye, Tyler Pester, Victor Zamora
SCHOOL BOARD: Peter Emanuel, Sam Elgert, Michael Beck, Benjamin Rathjen, Riley Backemeyer
SENATORS: Peter Owens, Noah Anderson, Noah Keck, Colby Sluka, Ethan Carlson, Riley Mrkvicka, Shane Feller

MAYOR: Nathan Taylor
CITY COUNCIL: Zane Murphy, Payton Frahm, Isaac Archuleta, Andrew Shelburn, Pierce Leef
SCHOOL BOARD: Noah Carlson, Riggs Patton, Mark Thurston, Jessie Sullivan, William Paine
SENATORS: Jack Kohl, Kevin Downs, Logan Greenlee, Blake Riley, Galdino Guzman, Ehric Strope

Yorktown Elects Local Officials and Representatives

City election results are in! Here are the winners of the Yorktown elections.

Mayor: Grayson Stanton

City Council: Reece McFarland, Caleb Schultis, Michael Buehre Stackpole, Levi Johansen, Tyson Trotter

County Supervisor: Paxton Myers

School Board: Scott Fulsos, Lincoln Schoenrock, Jack Linders, Nicholas Burger, Jason Jensen

Senators: Kade Wehrs, Grant Moody, Oliver Borchers-Williams, Max Hansen, Colton Thompson, Brent Lucke

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