Senators Break out into Committees

The second session of the Legislature involved many heated debates in order to priorities the most pressing issues by each committee. Committee Chairmen were elected to head each of the five committees and the Committee Secretary was in charge of reading aloud each bill on the table and amending any necessary changes to the bill if the committee chose to do so. Each committee had the responsibility of prioritizing their top three bills to move on to General File, where debate will take place regarding all of the priority bills.

Senator Nick Koehler is deep in discussion with his Committee regarding a bill to enhance the state education platform.

The second session ended by moving in to General File and debating our first two bills. Our Legislative session has the privilege of having 2016 Boys Nation Vice President, Choteau Kammel, to assist in showing our current Boys Staters the proper way each bill will be debated. There were some very heated debates and opinions expressed in our first two, but ultimately both of those bills were turned down, and for the time being, tabled indefinitely.

Senator Peter Owens debates the Internet Sales Tax bill in which he authored.

Our Senators are very excited to spend an entire afternoon debating the rest of the priority bills in General File at this time!




First Chance to Vote!

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By: Ethan Tylski
City-wide elections to determine Mayors, City Councilors, School Board members, County Supervisors, and State Legislators took place late Sunday night.
For the first time all week, the boys were separated by their preassigned party allegiances to vote in primary elections. Even numbers became the Nationalists, and odd numbers became the Federalists. The primaries quickly became heated with party rhetoric and newly discovered disdain for their political rivals.
In the general election, both parties crammed into their lounge areas to debate and campaign against one another. While candidates had been decidedly partisan only minutes before, the general election nominees became significantly more focused on city pride and unity.
Catchy slogans were a significant factor in whether or not a candidate succeeded or not. With so many positions available and many different names to remember, alliterations and rhymes helped distinguish some from the rest of the crop. Election results were counted in the laundry rooms to ensure voter integrity.
The true diversity and amazing qualification of all the Staters became increasingly evident throughout these initial elections. For the first time, these young men had the opportunity to reveal to everyone else what they were really made of and why they deserved to be a city leader. No one at Boys’ State got here by accident.

Dr. Jo Rocks the House!

On Friday, Boys’ and Girl’s State met for their final joint session, presented by Dr. JoAnne Owens-Nauslar. Making her annual appearance at the session, Dr. Jo delivered more energy than a six pack of Red Bull, inspiring delegates to become fearless leaders. Considered one of the nation’s most vocal personalities on issues of physical activity and the need for physical education in the critical core day, has enlightened and entertained corporate America, non-profit organizations, school personnel, faith-based groups, children/youth, school boards, policy makers, and stake holders for more than 43 years.