In Memoriam – Alden Johnson

Remembering a Cornhusker Boys’ State legend, Alden Johnson.

Boys’ State Visits the Capitol

Delegates explore a majestic building and hold sessions in grand settings.

Courts in Session at the Capitol

Boys’ State Supreme Court hears cases in the Nebraska State Supreme Courtroom at the capitol.

Riley Knust Elected Governor

Riley Knust is the 77th Governor of Cornhusker Boys’ State


The Trouble with Flying Robots

The Trouble with Flying Robots

Drone journalism was the topic at this mornings session in Kimball Hall.  Professor Matt Waite of the UNL Drone Journalism Lab engaged delegates in lively discussion regarding the challenges and opportunities presented by drone technology.  The discussion touched on...
Town Historians Dig Up Past

Town Historians Dig Up Past

The 77th session of Boys State is beginning a new program – to uncover the past. At least one citizen from each of the 8 towns are known as the Historians and have began looking at their town’s namesake. The historians will also be conducting interviews...
Campaign Away!

Campaign Away!

Primary elections for state and county offices are held today. Campaigns are in full swing!

Have You Secured Your Own Mask First?

Have You Secured Your Own Mask First?

“Elements of wellbeing include health and humor. The flight attendant reminds us to take care of ourselves before we help others. Therefore, healthy and active living should be daily Priorities”. – Dr. Joanne Owens-Nausler

Lobbying and Political Action Committees

Lobbying and Political Action Committees

Role of lobbyist in the legislative process illuminated by Mr. John Lindsay, who shared experiences as attorney, former Unicameral senator, and lobbyist.

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Nationalist Party Convention

Nationalist Party Convention

This article really captures all the immense work being done by the Nationalist party and it also shows all the extremely talented people that are apart of this party.

Flying Drones Presentation

Flying Drones Presentation

This article really sums up the importance of really coming together and understanding that technology is continuing to become more and more predominant in our lives today.

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An Energizing Inspirer

Monday keynote speaker’s engaging speaking style and humor clearly energized the delegates.

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