This afternoon, members of the Boy’s State Unicameral met in Burnett 115 to address a number of bills presented by towns and PACs. Before they began, Legislative Assistant David Slabotski trained the delegates in the use of the new “clicker” voting system:

With the technical details reviewed, Chaplain Isaiah Bockelman (Manilla Bay) lead the representatives in a brief prayer:

Speaker of the House Nick Schreiner (Yorktown) took over with a call for bills to be debated:

Clerk Cody Fischer (Manilla Bay) read some of the prospective legislation to the representatives, before Chairman Schreiner divided the legislative body into committees to review and discuss the bills:

Each committee carefully considered each bill in their care with extensive discussion and debate:

It is clear that no detail of these bills will be left undiscussed and un-debated by these meticulous lawmakers.

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