This afternoon, all of 2010 Cornhusker Boys’ State made the long march from Schramm Hall to the Nebraska State Capitol Building. Before departing, delegates, counselors, and staff gathered in formation in the HSS courtyard to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Led by the delegate volunteer color guard, the column of delegates seemed to stretch for a mile as they marched across downtown Lincoln. 





Upon arrival, the delegates paused on the steps for a few photos and to sing our beloved song, once again led by this week’s maistro Senior Counselor Quinton Geis (Belleau Wood): 


America, America 

Let us tell you how we feel– 

You have given us your spirit 

We love you so. 

With the singing completed, the delegates moved inside for an introduction to the building. 


When this was finished, the delegates split up and moved off into different departmental offices, according to which governmental activities the delegates have participated in this week. 


Presentation in the Supreme Court

Presentation in the Supreme Court

Delegates in the Supreme Court Chamber

The Delegate Unicameral Debates in the Old Senate Chamber

More Legislative debate amongst the delegates

A message engraved on the face of our Capitol which reminds all of us involved in Cornhusker Boys' State why we are here



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