Earlier this morning, gubernatorial candidates Logan Baker and Nick Schreiner sqaured off in a debate for the position as Cornhusker Boys’ State Governor 2011. Here are 15 highlights of the debate.

1. Nick Schreiner commented on how six years ago Indiana and Illinois had about a $3,000,000,000 debt. Indiana responded by cutting taxes and spending while Illinois increased both taxes and spending. Now, Indiana has about a $200,000,000 surplus while Illinois is facing a d

ebt of almost $14,000,000,000.

2. On the subject of money laundering, Nick Schreiner commented that he disapproves, and says that he’s talked to counselors to verify legitimacy in all of his actions. Logan Baker commented on how he gave most of his money away to other campaigns, but is happy he made it past the primary with very minimal advertising.
3. Both candidates are pro-life.
4. Nick Schreiner’s favorite President is Ronald Reagan because of his boldness in taking risks everyday, especially in the Cold War. Logan Baker’s favorite Presidents are Republicans (as he supports their agenda), notably the Bushs.
5. Both candidates are against gay marriage.
6. Logan Baker believes that illegal immigrants need t

o be deported and restricted from re-entering the country.
7. Nick Schreiner believes that capital punishment is a tool of justice. When asked about his conflicting pro-life and pro-capital punishment views, he respon

ded that justice must be pursued at all costs, though when dealing with someone facing the death penalty, we can’t rush into it.
8. Logan Baker said that if Nebraskans want something that differs from his morals, he will work with people to find the common ground.
9. Nick Schreiner said that he will not sacrifice his morals. Leaders must make tough calls, like Ben Nelson did on the healthcare debate. He says that he would act similarly in those circumstances.
10. When asked about how he’d prepare for the end of the world in 2012, Logan Baker said that it’d just roll around while everyone is preparing for Christmas. Nick Schreiner commented that he’d make sure the Huskers got some championships under their belt in time for that.
11. Both candidates are pro-nuclear energy and want to develop that industry in the state.
12. Logan Baker says that Nick Schreiner is a knowledgeable candidate and a good guy. Nick Schreiner says that Logan Baker has a great sense of humor and is very passionate, especially about guns!
13. Logan Baker said that if he were an animal, he’d be a dinosaur so that he could work with cavemen.
14. Nick Schreiner would love to be a cheetah so that he can run fast.
15. Photos!

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