Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature Mike Flood addressed Cornhusker Boys’ State delegates on Thursday evening to give them a practical framework and knowledge of how Nebraska’s unicameral legislature works. Senator Flood explained how there are forty-nine Senators in the Nebraska Legislature representing forty-nine districts in Nebraska, each consisting of approximately 37,000 people. He went on to discuss the workings of the legislature. In odd years, legislators spend 90 days in the legislature, and in even years, 60 days. To pass legislation in the Unicameral, twenty-five votes are needed, and thirty are required to overturn a Governor’s veto. As speaker, Flood is responsible for enforcing rules and ensuring that proper procedure is followed. After discussing this infrastructure, Flood went on to briefly address some of the recent issues considered by the State Legislature, including the budget, the death penalty, and the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Cornhusker Boys’ State was pleased to welcome Cornhusker Boys’ State Alumnus Mike Flood to this session.

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