Delegates voted, and here is the ballot that was created for Thursday afternoon’s general election.


Lieutenant Governor:
Trenton Hays (N)
Tanner Byrd (F)

Lieutenant Governor Candidates


Secretary of State:
Zac Cote’ (N)
John-Michael Hogue (F)

Secretary of State Candidates


State Treasurer:
Phat Nguyen (N)
Trevor Burr (F)

State Treasurer Candidates


State Auditor:
Craig Thor (N)
Aaron Smith (F)

State Auditor Candidates


Attorney General:
Jack Graham (N)
Tyler Coleman (F)

Attorney General Candidates


Public Service Commissioner (Vote for 5):
Connor Barr (N)
Brigham Cardon (N)
Jackson Meyer (N)
Trev Mumm(N)
Zach Mumm (N)
Jacob Dibbern(F)
Kyle Dlouhy(F)
Benjamin Andrew Kruse (F)
Logan Tate (F)
Tom Waldo (F)

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