Delegates voted, and here is the ballot that was created for Thursday afternoon’s general election.

County Sheriff:
Shane Anders (N)
Seth Hackleman (F)

County Attorney:
Jake Dickinson (N)
Dylan Stuck (F)

County Clerk:
Josh Osborne (N)
Cody Boche (F)

Clerk of the District Court (Vote for 2):
Trevor Benge (N)
Tanner Holthus (N)
Quinn Michael Nelson (F)

County Treasurer:
Alex Hart (N)
Dylan Rasmussen (F)


Nonpolitical Offices

State Board of Education (Vote for 3): Daniel Allgood, Tristan Boyce, Robert ‘Bobby’ Larsen, Ty Ogden, Jordan Volden, Cole Weise
County Judge: Troy Ebel, Ethan Steiner
County Superintendent of Public Instruction: Jacob Burr, Brennen Cruise
Public Defender: Caleb Compton, Micky Osten

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