By: James Moseman, Gettysburg

The governing body of a city is made up of the City Council and the Mayor. With Boys’ State, as with many towns, the Mayor is non-voting member and is largely there to help guide the City Council through parliamentary procedure. The Mayor is often considered to be “The Face” of the city.

The role of the City Council is to develop ordinances that will benefit the town’s citizens. Another responsibility is to listen to the citizens of the town and consider their opinions on any matters that may come before the council. City government, or municipal government, is tasked with the day-to-day business of the city, be it putting in a round-a-bout or helping with a special election. The city government is the first rung of support and authority for citizens.

Overall, the city government is the closest to the people of all the levels of government. In saying that, it is vitally important that city governments be comprised of trustworthy, ethical people, who are willing to listen to their constituents always.

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