By: Michael Mason, Yorktown

As the first day in the legislature closed, officers had been elected from the pool of senators by a coalition of their peers.

The first order of business was to elect a Chaplin to open each legislative meeting with a quick prayer. Devout Catholic Brady Przymus from Belleau Wood won the position. The next order of business was to elect the Sergeant-at-Arms. The Sergeant-at-Arms is an officer charged with keeping the peace within the legislature. For our purposes, he keeps people on task and quiet. John Harkendorff from Bataan won the position. The third position up for grabs was the position of Clerk. The Clerk is tasked with keeping track of the minutes, assisting the councilors with the operation of the computer and projector, and making note of the progress that the legislature has made. Shane Asher of Bunker Hill won the position of Clerk, who during his speech gave a narrative of his experience working as a secretary in an emergency room. The final position voted on was the office of Speaker of the House. After the preliminary election, two candidates remained. In the end, John Koller from Bunker Hill rose above the other competitors and became the Speaker of the House.

With the new officers elected, the drafting of bills can begin, and debates will begin on Wednesday.

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