By: Cameron Azimi – Gettysburg

Last night Boys’ and Girls’ State, during the only time they have been together so far, sat down and listened to keynote speaker Dr. Joanne Owens-Nauslar. Her engaging speaking style
and humor clearly energized the delegates. Between the standing up, clapping, and talking to oneself, she conveyed many important messages for all of the leaders here at these two camps. These were the lessons of recognizing the importance of how you carry yourself in your daily activities, and how that affects your leadership. The audience followed Owens-Nauslar through comical and serious subjects, her achievements and failures, and therefore connected to them. What she said rang true and was relevant for all of the Staters. We must all “get up” (even to the obnoxious whistles of the counselors) every day, and have a positive outlook on what we are going to do here and the people we are going to interact here. We must all believe we are capable of making a change, and getting something out of what we put in at Boys’ State. And nothing like the round of applause and standing ovation for Dr. Joanne Owens-Nauslar shows that all of us agree.

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