Wednesday night, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts addressed the entirety of a rowdy and captive Boys’ and Girls’ State.  He set the tone for the night with the quote “Just because you may not be interested in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”  He addressed many different issues throughout his address and later on took questions for the audience. It was a great opportunity for both the boys and the girls alike as it provided a deeper look at the political system here in the Cornhusker State.

When taking questions from the boys’ and girls’ staters, it became quite obvious why he was elected. To put it plainly, he knew what he was talking about. Whenever he answered a question he captured the attention of everyone there. His answers were so in-depth and interesting that the audience couldn’t help but pay attention. In some cases, questions were answered that weren’t even posed. The most notable thing about the night was that he very easily could have talked straight until 9, but he kept it short and simple as he wanted to know what the boys and girls in attendance had to think. One might say that is the “typical politician” approach, but it felt much more down-to-earth. Pete Ricketts felt like somebody you could sit down with and have a good, healthy conversation with, no matter the topic.

It was truly and honor to hear the Governor talk first-hand. It was a fantastic experience for everybody at Boys’ and Girls’ state. We were all paying attention and listening to what he had to say, regardless if we consider ourselves politically active or not. Thank you so much to Governor Ricketts for taking the time out of his day to stop by Boys’ and Girls’ State. We hope to have further interactions in the future some day.

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