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The 77th annual session of The American Legion Cornhusker Boys’ State program begins Sunday, 4 June 2017 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

A time-honored tradition, Cornhusker Boys’ State is a premier leadership experience and proven training ground for numerous local, state and national leaders.  From politics to sports and journalism to music, Boys’ State is an immersive 360 degree experience.  Its purpose is to teach today’s youth a practical lesson in advanced citizenship.

Nearly 400 high school juniors from every corner of Nebraska will make the journey to the state capitol.  In Lincoln, everyone begins on equal ground in unfamiliar territory.  Dedicated counselors will lead eight “towns” of about 50 delegates to grow in spirit and in unity.  Quickly the tide will turn from individual introductions to collective synergy.  Opportunities are everywhere and each Boys’ State delegate may choose to contribute in some way for the benefit of all.

Delegates will participate and compete in a comprehensive simulation of local and state government.  Many will hold sessions in grand settings at the state capitol.  Daily recreation and activity times provide additional opportunity for fellowship and a chance to further experience a flagship university campus.  Speakers for this year’s session will include top elected officials, motivational speakers, coaches, and more.

Lifelong friendships will form, ideas will be shared, and personal growth will occur.  Delegates should prepare for a week to shape a lifetime.

Be sure to visit www.CornhuskerBoysState.org and follow CBS on Twitter @huskerboysstate for updates during the week!

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