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By: Ethan Tylski
City-wide elections to determine Mayors, City Councilors, School Board members, County Supervisors, and State Legislators took place late Sunday night.
For the first time all week, the boys were separated by their preassigned party allegiances to vote in primary elections. Even numbers became the Nationalists, and odd numbers became the Federalists. The primaries quickly became heated with party rhetoric and newly discovered disdain for their political rivals.
In the general election, both parties crammed into their lounge areas to debate and campaign against one another. While candidates had been decidedly partisan only minutes before, the general election nominees became significantly more focused on city pride and unity.
Catchy slogans were a significant factor in whether or not a candidate succeeded or not. With so many positions available and many different names to remember, alliterations and rhymes helped distinguish some from the rest of the crop. Election results were counted in the laundry rooms to ensure voter integrity.
The true diversity and amazing qualification of all the Staters became increasingly evident throughout these initial elections. For the first time, these young men had the opportunity to reveal to everyone else what they were really made of and why they deserved to be a city leader. No one at Boys’ State got here by accident.

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