Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind. Always.

During Dr. Jo’s keynote address Monday evening she shared the touching story of her husband “Red” and an unexpected hug she received just two weeks after he passed. When Raymond “Red” Nauslar passed away on May 12th, 2014 Dr. Jo made the decision to still attend Boys’ State and give her keynote session, as she had numerous times. At the end of her 60 minute presentation, even though she gave her speech with the same energy and excitement as always, a Boys’ Stater sitting in the front row of Kimball Hall, an citizen of Alamo, raised his hand and said it looked like she needed a hug and asked if it would be alright if he gave her one. As Dr. Jo recalled tonight, that hug was the exact reason she decided to still speak to the delegates. “I needed you more than you needed me. I needed that hug.”

After Dr. Jo finished her talk and she walked back stage, she was greeted by counselors and staff congratulating her on another successful year when senior counselor, Landon Schmitt, approached her and let her know he was the stater 3 years ago who, while wearing the same color as her husband’s name, asked a simple question, but one that meant the world to a person in need. Dr. Jo’s face lit up and she embraced him. They spoke for a minute before Dr. Jo grabbed him by the hand and ran back out on stage to proudly introduce him to the delegation.

Landon Schmitt and Dr. JoAnne Owens-Nauslar

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