By: Ryan Secord

Most Nebraskans know nothing beyond our two party system, hence why the Libertarians only have 13,500 members enrolled. While the party is the fastest growing in the state, it is far from having any mainstream appeal. Gene Siadek, the treasurer for the Nebraskan party came to speak to a full house of interested senators. Right off the bat, the lecture was interrupted by a test tornado warning and Gene used it as his first argument for why the government has too much meddling. He said that we are all intelligent enough to know if there is a tornado, but soon conceded the point that severe weather warning systems were important in society. To redeem himself, he headed a fiery debate over whether intense regulations on business was really necessary. He argued that consumers should have the final say in whether or not a business fails. He then went on to try to display what the Libertarian party stands for, and he answered a few questions along the way. In the end, Mr. Siadek accomplished his goal of informing the young men of Boys’ State that there is indeed a third choice.

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