By: Ryan Wall

Today at the track meet, Co-Chief Counselor Scott Day was interviewed about his experience at Boys’ State over his 26 years at the program, both as an attendee and counselor.
The first experience he had at Boys’ State was when he attended in 1992. Originally from Wayne, his counselor Mr. Munson recommended that he apply, setting into motion a lifetime of dedication to the program. Sponsored by Mr. Irwin L. Sears from Legion Post 43, Mr. Day had a fantastic time at Boys’ State and was selected to attend Boys’ Nation where he met President George H. W. Bush.
After his experience, he returned the following year as a Junior Counselor and continued to return in various positions for the last 25 years. Over that time, he has seen technology advance and affect Boys’ State, while keeping the core focus on government and citizenship consistent. In 2006, Mr. Day was part of the team that set up the first Boys’ State website. When asked about the changing technology, he replied that he heartily endorses the tremendous ability they have to keep Staters in contact with the people they meet years down the road.
Mr. Day concluded by explaining that the magic of Boys’ State is hard to put into words. The essence of this week is that we have an opportunity to live as the better versions of ourselves. One thing that may be a novel experience for some attendees is failing and to be a “big fish from a small pond thrown into the ocean.” We have significant, tangible opportunities, not only for elected positions but to return and be a part of the program in the future. He wants to leave Boys’ Staters with the sentiment that nobody is alone here. He said, “Everyone has the chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves.”

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