One of the most amazing aspects of Cornhusker Boys’ State is the opportunity that the young men have to take a break from politics and participate in either sports or news writing. This down time reminds the boys that not everything has to be about politics and having fun is important. The Boys’ State staff is continuously looking to add additional recreational activities so the boys can find a place to fit in and feel more included. In this line of thinking, last year the staff tested out the idea of having a new position called the town historian.

The town historian is an opportunity for one selected person from each town to write long-hand pieces about the history of both their towns and of Boys State as a whole. These individuals  have an opportunity to sit down with multiple staff members, alumni, and important political figures to learn and write about their history with Boys’ State. The boys then have the privileged opportunity to stand in front of their peers every night and present what they learned about their town and the people they interviewed.

Michael McClellan had the chance to be the first historian for Gettysburg in 2017 and was asked to co-lead the historian program as a councilor the next year. He found that this unique activity allowed him to learn more about the sacrifices veterans had made for our country and about the mission of the American Legion as a whole. Michael stated, “I gained a whole new perspective during my time as a historian, and this week long activity has truly shaped my life in more ways than one.”

Michael and the entire historian staff wants to thank the alumni for continuing to support the program that allows them to take advantage of this opportunity.

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