The tension built during the graduation ceremony of American Legion Cornhusker Boys’ State. Program director Dave Salak read the place of each town starting at 8th place. As each town name was called, the anticipation grew. Finally, there were only two towns remaining, Alamo and Valley Forge.  During the week, towns earn points for participation and success in various activities including politics, sports, and fine arts. Towns rally together during the week, reaching for this common goal. The moment had arrived. Citizens of towns who’s name had been called earlier, broke out in a make-shift drum roll, adding to the drama. When Alamo’s name was called as runner-up, the citizens of Valley Forge (in black) exploded out of their seats as they knew victory was theirs. In a show of respect, the Alamo (in red) rose to their feet to congratulate their rival.  Valley Forge 2019 will be memorialized on the Cornhusker Boys’ State trophy that has nearly 60 years of champions listed.  Well done gentleman!

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