The Trouble With Flying Robots

Drone journalism was the topic at this mornings session in Kimball Hall.  Professor Matt Waite of the UNL Drone Journalism Lab engaged delegates in lively discussion regarding the challenges and opportunities presented by drone technology.  The discussion touched on topics like misconceptions about drone capabilities, practical applications in agriculture, and how technological advances can out paced regulation.





School Boards In Session 2016

This morning, newly elected school board members and other interested delegates attended the “School Boards and How They Work” session.  Matt Belka of the Nebraska Association of School Boards was the guest presenter.  Mr. Belka explained the purpose and mechanics of how school boards operate.  Following the lesson, delegates broke into groups to discuss some current issues facing school boards.  Discussions covered several areas, including dress code, consolidation, drug testing, technology access, student representation at school board meetings, and more.

Following the “How it Works” session, newly formed school boards held meetings and gained hands on experience in addressing the challenges facing Nebraska schools.


The Boys Are Back in Town

400 delegates from all corners of the state arrived today at Harper Hall on the University of Nebraska – Lincoln campus.  Many had a short drive while others arrived on chartered buses that were boarded 8 hours earlier.  Each have brought some personal belongings, unique perspectives, and valuable talents.

Upon arrival, delegates were greeted by a host of volunteers including American Legion members and the 36 member counseling staff.  Families toured the accommodations in Harper Hall and then said their fair-wells.   Quickly, the focus shifted from check-in logistics to building relationships in their town of 50.

The afternoon session at Kimball Recital Hall was steeped in tradition and inspiration.  Sen. Ben Sasse, a former Boys Stater and counselor, shared a message about the need to be lifelong learners as the rate of change in the economy is ever increasing.  He also shared thoughts about national and world politics stressing the need to work together to understand and address our most important challenges.  The session was closed by Chief Counselor Scott Day.   Mr. Day encouraged the delegates to take good risks and capitalize on this unique opportunity.

The day’s events concluded with the formation of city governments.  Each of the eight towns elected a mayor, city council, school board and more.  Tomorrow delegates will learn more about these important local offices and get hands on experience as they become immersed into the Boys’ State government simulation.


Results Are In – 2016 City Elections

Manila Bay


Justin D. Xiong

City Council

Carson Wiltfong

Logan Bredemeier

Ben Rhodes

Tyler Lutt

Payton Schaneman

School Board

Nathan Belanger

Riley Heithoff

Jacob Hansen

Junior Aguilar

Cole McReynolds

Bunker Hill


Parker Reil

City Council

Preston Connelly

Seth Pearson

Carter Scott

Michael Coffey

Shaye Collins

School Board

Morley Haley

Zach Diessner

Marcus Thimm

Will Wagner

Jordan Ismaiel

County Supervisor

James McArtor


Jacob McNeill

Tyler Miller

Choteau Kammel

Jacob Curley

Abram Turner

Noah Smith

Belleau Wood


Connor Jolley

School Board

Ryan Rayburn

Blake Isaacson

Michael Wolfe

Brody Nordhausen

Connor McFayden

County Supervisor

William Atkeson

City Council

Samuel Saldivar

Benjamin Schulz

Mitchell McWilliams

Jackson Cummins

Luke Jarecke


Dallas Jones

Dillon Burns

John Horner

Colby Enz

Patrick Arnold

Cordell Walker



Max Van Arsdall

School Board

Devin Watts

Lance Aspegren

Edison Frederick

Gene Paulsen

Derek Drake

County Supervisor

Justin Mogus

City Council

Zachary Bliss

Blake Langmack

Grant Kathol

Tanner Pinyan

Travis Kerkman


Juan Lasso Velasco

Archer Kindopp

Alexander Dack

Miles Morrissey

Jackson Arndt



Joshua Powers

School Board

Ryan Ochsner

Nate Sandoz

Aubrey Kroll

Damon Arehart

Josh Thompson

County Supervisor

Garrett Skillett

City Council

Hunter Ramer

Brent Lemmer

Max Christen

Zachary Staehr

Tucker Hartley


Nathan Spicka

William Lighthart

Grant Goss

Gage Christensen

Cory Shoff

Austen Baack

Ryan Bentz

Valley Forge


Ruben Aguilar

School Board

Trent Krejdl

Christopher Bentley

Noah Utter

William Scheele

Logan Johansen

County Supervisor

Brock Vetick

City Council

Caleb Dowling

Kellen Habegger

Christian Lichti

Luke Creek

Matthew Stafford


Thomas McNeil

Seth McRobert

Allan Cramblitt

Jonathan Meckel

Ryan Volin

Walt Mays



Max Beal

School Board

Connor Mumm

John George

Adam Napier

Warren Wilson

Ethan Zastera

County Supervisor

Tate Purviance

City Council

Cordell Cade

Greyson Kreis

Kendal Brandl

Derek Monie

Jonah Schmitt


Chase Ochs

Keenan Allen

Andy Zhu

Anthony Eickmeier

Tate Combs

Ethan Yungdahl



Jordan Loseke

School Board

Timothy Havlat

Levi Kasten

Micah Wilson

Mason Brown

Connor Wiggins

County Supervisor

Brody Lewis

City Council

Ben Ward

Michael Douglass

Clarke Chandler

Tyler Williams

Aaron Kurpgeweit


Evan True

Cameron Azimi

Christopher Van Meter

Brant Ridder

Zane Dravitzki

Colten Eggleston