Governor Addresses Students

Wednesday night, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts addressed the entirety of a rowdy and captive Boys’ and Girls’ State.  He set the tone for the night with the quote “Just because you may not be interested in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”  He addressed many different issues throughout his address and later on took questions for the audience. It was a great opportunity for both the boys and the girls alike as it provided a deeper look at the political system here in the Cornhusker State.

When taking questions from the boys’ and girls’ staters, it became quite obvious why he was elected. To put it plainly, he knew what he was talking about. Whenever he answered a question he captured the attention of everyone there. His answers were so in-depth and interesting that the audience couldn’t help but pay attention. In some cases, questions were answered that weren’t even posed. The most notable thing about the night was that he very easily could have talked straight until 9, but he kept it short and simple as he wanted to know what the boys and girls in attendance had to think. One might say that is the “typical politician” approach, but it felt much more down-to-earth. Pete Ricketts felt like somebody you could sit down with and have a good, healthy conversation with, no matter the topic.

It was truly and honor to hear the Governor talk first-hand. It was a fantastic experience for everybody at Boys’ and Girls’ state. We were all paying attention and listening to what he had to say, regardless if we consider ourselves politically active or not. Thank you so much to Governor Ricketts for taking the time out of his day to stop by Boys’ and Girls’ State. We hope to have further interactions in the future some day.

An Energizing Inspirer

By: Cameron Azimi – Gettysburg

Last night Boys’ and Girls’ State, during the only time they have been together so far, sat down and listened to keynote speaker Dr. Joanne Owens-Nauslar. Her engaging speaking style
and humor clearly energized the delegates. Between the standing up, clapping, and talking to oneself, she conveyed many important messages for all of the leaders here at these two camps. These were the lessons of recognizing the importance of how you carry yourself in your daily activities, and how that affects your leadership. The audience followed Owens-Nauslar through comical and serious subjects, her achievements and failures, and therefore connected to them. What she said rang true and was relevant for all of the Staters. We must all “get up” (even to the obnoxious whistles of the counselors) every day, and have a positive outlook on what we are going to do here and the people we are going to interact here. We must all believe we are capable of making a change, and getting something out of what we put in at Boys’ State. And nothing like the round of applause and standing ovation for Dr. Joanne Owens-Nauslar shows that all of us agree.

Fact of the Day (Wednesday)

By: Will Twehous – Valley Forge


Nothing is more uplifting than heading outside and basking in a clear blue sky. Throughout the development of the many human cultures around the world it has become common to see that blue sky as symbol goodness and safety. However, the tranquil blue sky is far from a constant on the countless planets in the universe. That leads us to question what causes such a classic feature in our everyday lives. This gives us two places to point our fingers, the first being our sun. The sun emits an extraordinary amount of light every second with the many particles ranging in frequency from across the electromagnetic spectrum (gamma radiation to radio waves). Due to this wide away of variance, the visible light the sun produces is primarily white light, meaning that it is a complication of all the primary colors blended together. When the light reaches earth’s atmosphere it undergoes a process called refraction. This process is similar to trying to drive one’s cars left tires on the road while having one’s right tires pushing through a thick layer of mud. The two surfaces have very different densities and smoothness resulting in a bending in the path your car travels. When the particles of light, called photons, are traveling through space they encounter no resistance to their momentum but once they reach earth’s upper atmosphere, composed primarily of very small particles, they sudden slam into another surface with very different properties than empty space. Once hitting it, the photons of the white light are scattered at different angles into its respective colors and due to size of the atmospheric particles the color that primarily reaches are eyes is the blue light, thus resulting in our familiar blue sky.

Judicial Appointments


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Associate Justices

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District Justices

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Lincoln County

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse Addresses Boys’ Staters

Senator Ben Sasse made one point throughout his address to Boys’ State. The current Senator from the state of Nebraska drove home that the future of jobs will require no singular skill set. He claimed that employees will require the capability to shifting between specializations. Artificial intelligence and automated production will likely take over major industries throughout the United States. This shift is similar to the historical revolution of agriculture. These shifts required individuals to acquire a specialized skill set within their jobs, artificial intelligence will drive the millennial generation to be continuously evolving to be dynamic in any given direction. Sasse also mentioned an educational upheaval, where universities adapt to allow older students to take classes while supporting a family. This may be necessary for a fast moving and faster growing economy.

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