Boys’ and Girls’ States Gather for a Band and Chorus Extravaganza

This evening witnessed a joint session of both American Legion Boys’ State and American Legion Auxiliary Girls’ State for a concert of the Boys’ and Girls’ State Band and Chorus.

For the male delegates, the evening really began with the arrival of the brilliant young women of Cornhusker Girls’ State:

Sitting in alternating  rows, the delegates sat eagerly awaiting the festivities. The wait was pleasantly shortened by an impromptu pep song and dance routine by the band. Their lively rendition of Hey Baby soon had the audience on their toes tapping and clapping to the music:

Taking the stage, the band performed a variety of classic and contemporary tunes, including many soloists, and finished with a stirring rendition of Dear Old Nebraska U:

Between the band and chorus performances, the delegates received an address from two star athletes from the Nebraska Women’s Basketball team and one from the Nebraska Volleyball team:

The chorus then took the stage and wowed the audience with its collective display of vocal talent, including a number of soloists. Their closing performance of an American tribute medley brought the audience to its feet:

The evening concluded with an address by Nebraska Governor David Heineman. Click the photo below to read the article about his evening address to the delegates.

Political Action Committee Fair

On Wednesday morning, Political Action Committees held an event to meet with voters and candidates in upcoming elections. Each PAC had a booth that delegates came to and talked about the issues and the candidates in the elections. Through this event, the PACs became better acquainted with general election candidates, gubernatorial candidates, and their stances on the issues, and the partnerships developed through this event could really influence the outcomes of the elections as PACs now have a better idea of which candidates they’d like to support through advertising and by other means. Here are some photo highlights of the event.

Cornhusker Boys’ State Meets the Lincoln Saltdogs

This evening, the delegates made the long march from Schramm Hall to Haymarket Park to watch the Lincoln Saltdogs play the St. Paul Saints. In addition, the boys participated in the opening ceremonies of the game, and explored a display of information and activities about the Nebraska National Guard just outside the stadium.

The delegates, delegate color guard, counselors, and staff assembled on the field in preparation for the game’s opening ceremony:

The colors were presented by a color guard composed of delegate volunteers, directed by 1Lt. Cale Farquhar (USACE):

Governor Bryce Cain threw out a ceremonial first pitch:

Col. Randy Kaliff (USMC Ret.) performed a stirringly beautiful rendition of our nation’s National Anthem:

The game itself was certainly one to remember:

Meanwhile, just outside the Stadium,

Some boys from Bunker Hill hung-out in a Humvee:

Another citizen of Bunker Hill interviewed for a job on the National Guard NASCAR pit crew:

Delegates from Yorktown and Valley Forge, with the encouragement of some National Guardspersons, practiced their pitching for the Major Leagues:

Citizens of Yorktown raced to see who’s the fastest team on four wheels: