Athletics Day 4: Championship Friday!

Cornhusker Boys Staters have fought hard all week with anticipation of competing for a championship in a variety of athletics. While some towns were crowned champions, some towns were given a harsh dose of reality. However, not one team went down without putting up a valiant fight. One thing all of the staters get to walk away with isn’t a championship, but an experience of a lifetime. Here are the results from championship Friday: CBS Results Day 4-Championships (2023)

Athletics: Day 3 (All Star Break)

Cornhusker Boys Staters are headed into the all star break and it couldn’t come at a better time. Some of the towns have been plagued by the injury bug the last few days and players need some time to recover. However, the players who have shown up and show out will soon grace the court and field in the second annual CBS All Star softball and basketball games that will be held on Thursday. You can find todays final scores here: CBS Results Day 3 (2023)

Athletics: Day 2

Cornhusker Boys State staters are out here hitting dingers, throwing down windmill dunks, launching footballs across the gridiron, and sending spikes down that even John Cook would marvel at. Day two of athletics has launched some towns to some very impressive records, while day two left some towns in a deficit that they are looking to dig themselves out of. Here are the results from day two: CBS Results Day 2 (2023)

Bo Pelini Coaches Delegates for Success

After the athletic intensity of the track meet followed by a quick stop for dinner, the delegates assembled in Kimball to hear presentations and to inaugurate their Justices and other elected officials. The delegates were privileged to an address by Cornhusker Football Head Coach Bo Pelini. Coach Pelini emphasized that competition is not about winning or losing, but about becoming the best possible person one can be.  At the same time, Coach Pelini was clearly optimistic about the upcoming Husker Football season. Following Pelini’s presentation, the delegates heard from John Gerrard, Nebraska Supreme Court Justice; John Bruning, Nebraska Attorney General; and Mike Flood, Speaker of Nebraska Unicameral. These three prominent Nebraska government officials discussed their roles, upcoming elections, and answered delegates’ questions. After this informative presentation, the 2011 Boys’ State Justices and elected officials were inaugurated by Honorable Mr. Gerrard. Before the assembly concluded, candidates and PACs had the opportunity to purchase some microphone time to advertise their cause, of which several delegates took advantage.

Coach Pelini Addresses the Delegates.

The Justices and Officials-Elect Share the Stage with Coach Pelini.

Justice John Gerrard, Speaker Mike Flood, and Attorney General John Bruning.

The 2011 Boys’ State Associate Justices are Sworn-in.

A PAC Representative Grabs Some Advertising Time At the End of the Assembly.