Championship Schedule Set for Friday!

Teams battled hard in pool play the first three days this week for the opportunity to compete for the coveted championship in their sport. After some impressive showings and some tie breakers to be figured out, the schedules are set and champions will be crowned tomorrow afternoon. See the schedules below for more information.

Athletics Heat Up Another Degree on Day #3

The final seconds have ticked off the clock on day #3 here at Cornhusker Boys State and some great performances have really come out. We have seen many individuals throw dunks down, toss contested jump ball touchdowns from 30 plus yards, crank out massive home runs, and send spikes down so hard that even the Husker Volleyball team would have been proud. Results from day #3 are as follows:

Some Teams Pull Through on day #2

Day two is in the books for sports competitions and some teams are feeling the euphoria of victory and others are feeling the agony of defeat. Luckily for all, tomorrow is a new day and the competition has only just begun. Results are as follows:

CBS Athletics Opening Day

Opening day athletics for 2024 Cornhusker Boys Staters got into the action today as they took the field, stepped up to the plate, and hit the courts in competitions that pit their newly founded towns and teammates against each other. Camaraderie is palpable on each floor, that is evident. Chemistry among teammates are still in their early stages. With that said, some teams have gotten off to a very fast start, while others performances leave more to be desired. Results from day one are as follows: