Softball and Volleyball Competition Heats Up

This afternoon, on the sand courts in front of Harper Hall and on the Mabel Lee Fields, delegates showed that they are not only intelligent, community-minded young men, but also fierce athletic competitors.

Valley Forge and Bunker Hill face off in sand volleyball.

A Bunker Hill delegate strives for the set.

Counselor Daniel Stalder is one of the many counselors who act as referee and scorekeeper.

A delegate from Bataan keeps his eye on the ball during the Alamo/Bataan softball game.

A Yorktown delegate swings for the ball.

Despite their fiercely competitive natures, the delegates are excellent examples of good sportsmanship.

Towns Compete in Basketball, Volleyball

This afternoon, the Boys proved that their strength and ability extends beyond the campaign stump or legislative chamber onto the basketball and volleyball court. Photos courtesy of John Thompson.

Gettysburg and Valley Forge Play in the Sand.

Belleau Wood and The Alamo Fight for the Ball.

Yorktown Goes in for the Layup Amidst a Fierce Bunker Hill Defense.

Bunker Hill Boys Hang Out.