State Office Candidates Advance to General Election

Delegates voted, and here is the ballot that was created for Thursday afternoon’s general election.


Lieutenant Governor:
Trenton Hays (N)
Tanner Byrd (F)

Lieutenant Governor Candidates


Secretary of State:
Zac Cote’ (N)
John-Michael Hogue (F)

Secretary of State Candidates


State Treasurer:
Phat Nguyen (N)
Trevor Burr (F)

State Treasurer Candidates


State Auditor:
Craig Thor (N)
Aaron Smith (F)

State Auditor Candidates


Attorney General:
Jack Graham (N)
Tyler Coleman (F)

Attorney General Candidates


Public Service Commissioner (Vote for 5):
Connor Barr (N)
Brigham Cardon (N)
Jackson Meyer (N)
Trev Mumm(N)
Zach Mumm (N)
Jacob Dibbern(F)
Kyle Dlouhy(F)
Benjamin Andrew Kruse (F)
Logan Tate (F)
Tom Waldo (F)

Campaign Tours Stop at Several Boys’ State Towns

Candidates for state and county offices made campaign stops at several Cornhusker Boys’ State towns to rally up last minute support before voters take to the polls this afternoon. Political Action Committees took this opportunity as well, hoping to gain support, lobbyists, and financial backing from voters and candidates alike.


A Yorktown resident campaigns in Valley Forge

Bunker Hill candidates between campaign stops

A Manila Bay gubernatorial candidate campaigns in Yorktown

Advertising space at a premium

Valley Forge residents campaign in Bunker Hill

One interesting campaign strategy