Sen. Amanda McGill Explains Nebraska’s Unique Legislative Structure

District 26 State Senator Amanda McGill explained the Nebraska Unicameral to the Boys’ State Legislature Monday morning, prior to the first legislative session. She detailed how Nebraska’s system is unique because legislature is non-partisan. McGill, an Omaha native, has spent the last 8 years as a representative for the Northeast Lincoln District. She informed the Boys’ State Representative’s she was only a few years older than they are now when she first ran, and was elected to her Unicameral seat.

She currently serves as the Chairperson on the Urban Affairs Committee, serves on the Judicial Committee and is running for Nebraska State Auditor.

Sen. McGill addresses the Boys’ State Unicameral

Delegates Visit Nebraska’s State Capitol

On Friday afternoon, delegates visited the Nebraska State Capitol building. Cornhusker Boys’ State officeholders visited the offices of their Nebraska counterparts, while the legislature met in the Warner Chamber and the CBS Supreme Court heard cases within Nebraska’s highest courtroom.















Legislative Proceedings – June 6, 2013

Legislators had quite a productive day today, passing three bills and debating three others. The three bills that passed were LB78 which covers provisions of education reform, LB82 which covers certain elements of the Cornhusker Boys’ State check-in process, and LB63 which gives increased recognition to Cornhusker Boys’ State Bulletin columnists and editing staff. During their break, lobbyists from AgPAC and Educats talked with senators about pending legislation.


Legislators voting

Legislative Proceedings – June 5, 2013

In this afternoon’s session of the Cornhusker Boys’ State Legislature, several bills underwent discussion in committee. The legislature reconvened after committee to debate priority bills. One of the two bills debated, LB38, regarding energy and the Keystone XL Pipeline, passed, while the other was tabled indefinitely.


Legislator Patrick Nolan of Gettysburg debates a bill in committee

A legislator from Bunker Hill gives input into LB38

Legislative leadership joins the debates

Legislative Proceedings – June 3, 2013

Today marked the start of the 73rd session of the Cornhusker Boys’ State Unicameral. Today’s proceedings centered around electing leadership. Candidates were given an opportunity to speak to the senators and answer questions before voting. The following senators were elected to leadership:

Curtis Stokes, Speaker

Cameron Engel, Clerk

Quinn Nelson, Sergeant at Arms

Chandler Maly, Chaplain


Curtis Stokes uses extended metaphor to demonstrate his qualifications

Counselor Brad Green moderates leadership elections