University of Nebraska Announces Move to the Big Ten Conference

Earlier this afternoon, two delegates involved with the press, as well as two counselors involved with the press, got the opportunity to attend the official press conference held by the University of Nebraska, announcing its plans to join the Big Ten Conference. Among the speakers at the conference were Chancellor Harvey Perlman, Athletic Director Tom Osborne, Head Football Coach Bo Pelini, and Big Ten Commissioner James Delaney. Nebraska will indeed be joining the Big Ten Conference, and the official start date for Nebraska being a part of the Big Ten is July 1, 2011. According to Delaney, the Big Ten presidents voted unanimously to accept Nebraska’s request. He went on to call this “a historic moment.” He says that he is “proud that Nebraska is a member of our conference” and is “convinced…that Nebraska will be a great addition to the Big Ten Conference.” When Tom Osborne gave comments, he said that “it is really important to recognize the Big Twelve Conference.” He went on to say that Nebraska does not look down on them. “We have had good association with [them].”

As the floor was opened up for questions, more information was released. Delaney said that this was a relatively quick integration of a school. He said that the Big Ten Conference “…is stronger today than…yesterday as a result of Nebraska’s application to the Big Ten.” When asked about interest in current Big Twelve rivalries and the interest in continuing those rivalries, Osborne responded by stating his desire to continue playing Big Twelve teams, such as Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Texas, or whomever. The possibility of hosting a bowl game at Memorial Stadium was thrown around, but no one could say for sure whether or not that was likely. Bo Pelini was asked how he felt about leaving old rivalries and perhaps picking up new ones, to which he responded, “I’m not a really emotional guy.”

The official press release noted several academic and community benefits of being a part of the Big Ten Conference, which are copied below.

1. Big Ten universities attract 12% of all federal research funding annually. They grant 14.5% of all doctoral degrees conferred in the US each year and 25% of all agricultural doctorates each year.

2. UNL would be considered for membership in the prestigious Committee on Institutional Cooperation, a consortium of the Big Ten universities plus the University of Chicago. The CIC leverages faculty, funding, facilities, investments, and ideas to help the collective whole compete and succeed. Among its core projects are library collections and access; technology collaborations to build capacity at reduced costs; leveraging purchasing and licensing through economies of scale; leadership and development programs for faculty and staff; course-sharing mechanisms by which student may take courses at other consortium institutions; and study-abroad collaborations.

3. The Big Ten is the only NCAA Division I conference whose members all belong to the Association of American Universities, as does Nebraska.

4. Of UNL’s 10 peer institutions (by which it compares itself), five are Big Ten members (University of Illinois, University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, Ohio State University, and Purdue University).

5. The ability to recruit faculty would be enhanced. UNL already competes with Big Ten and other institutions to attract high-quality faculty; UNL would be able to offer access to CIC and other opportunities afforded by Big Ten affiliation. Similarly, new Ph.D.s and other graduates from Nebraska would find their opportunities widened through Big Ten collaborations.

6. Research collaborations with faculty at other institutions, already important and under way, would increase.

7. UNL’s alignment with the Big Ten will open doors to new investors, entrepreneurs, and others interested in expanding regional and national markets through opportunities presented by Nebraska Innovation Campus, Perlman said.

According to Perlman: “The Big Ten is a historically prestigious and stable academic community of scholars and students…The Big Ten, known for its athletic prowess, is highly regarded in academe for its academic and research enterprises. There is nothing but upside for UNL to join the Big Ten.” Below are some photos of the delegates and staff at the conference.



Boys’ State Blogger Michael Schreier, Newspaper Assistant Kyle Chesterman, and Schuyler Sharp and Aaron Hostepler, two of the editors for the Boys’ State Bulletin


The press

The podium and backdrop

Newspaper editors talking to a University of Nebraska representative

Chancellor Harvey Perlman

Big Ten Commissioner James Delaney

UNL Athletic Director Tom Osborne

Head Football Coach Bo Pelini

All of the media trucks outside

Gubernatorial Candidates Face Off in Kimball

Earlier this morning, gubernatorial candidates Logan Baker and Nick Schreiner sqaured off in a debate for the position as Cornhusker Boys’ State Governor 2011. Here are 15 highlights of the debate.

1. Nick Schreiner commented on how six years ago Indiana and Illinois had about a $3,000,000,000 debt. Indiana responded by cutting taxes and spending while Illinois increased both taxes and spending. Now, Indiana has about a $200,000,000 surplus while Illinois is facing a d

ebt of almost $14,000,000,000.

2. On the subject of money laundering, Nick Schreiner commented that he disapproves, and says that he’s talked to counselors to verify legitimacy in all of his actions. Logan Baker commented on how he gave most of his money away to other campaigns, but is happy he made it past the primary with very minimal advertising.
3. Both candidates are pro-life.
4. Nick Schreiner’s favorite President is Ronald Reagan because of his boldness in taking risks everyday, especially in the Cold War. Logan Baker’s favorite Presidents are Republicans (as he supports their agenda), notably the Bushs.
5. Both candidates are against gay marriage.
6. Logan Baker believes that illegal immigrants need t

o be deported and restricted from re-entering the country.
7. Nick Schreiner believes that capital punishment is a tool of justice. When asked about his conflicting pro-life and pro-capital punishment views, he respon

ded that justice must be pursued at all costs, though when dealing with someone facing the death penalty, we can’t rush into it.
8. Logan Baker said that if Nebraskans want something that differs from his morals, he will work with people to find the common ground.
9. Nick Schreiner said that he will not sacrifice his morals. Leaders must make tough calls, like Ben Nelson did on the healthcare debate. He says that he would act similarly in those circumstances.
10. When asked about how he’d prepare for the end of the world in 2012, Logan Baker said that it’d just roll around while everyone is preparing for Christmas. Nick Schreiner commented that he’d make sure the Huskers got some championships under their belt in time for that.
11. Both candidates are pro-nuclear energy and want to develop that industry in the state.
12. Logan Baker says that Nick Schreiner is a knowledgeable candidate and a good guy. Nick Schreiner says that Logan Baker has a great sense of humor and is very passionate, especially about guns!
13. Logan Baker said that if he were an animal, he’d be a dinosaur so that he could work with cavemen.
14. Nick Schreiner would love to be a cheetah so that he can run fast.
15. Photos!

Boys’ State Marches to the Capitol

This afternoon, all of 2010 Cornhusker Boys’ State made the long march from Schramm Hall to the Nebraska State Capitol Building. Before departing, delegates, counselors, and staff gathered in formation in the HSS courtyard to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Led by the delegate volunteer color guard, the column of delegates seemed to stretch for a mile as they marched across downtown Lincoln. 





Upon arrival, the delegates paused on the steps for a few photos and to sing our beloved song, once again led by this week’s maistro Senior Counselor Quinton Geis (Belleau Wood): 


America, America 

Let us tell you how we feel– 

You have given us your spirit 

We love you so. 

With the singing completed, the delegates moved inside for an introduction to the building. 


When this was finished, the delegates split up and moved off into different departmental offices, according to which governmental activities the delegates have participated in this week. 


Presentation in the Supreme Court

Presentation in the Supreme Court

Delegates in the Supreme Court Chamber

The Delegate Unicameral Debates in the Old Senate Chamber

More Legislative debate amongst the delegates

A message engraved on the face of our Capitol which reminds all of us involved in Cornhusker Boys' State why we are here



Howard Buffet Addresses Delegates

Howard W. Buffett, Special Assistant in the office of the Secretary at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Advisor to the White House Office of Social Innovation, addressed the delegates in Kimball hall this morning, sharing his personal experiences and tips for success.

Mr. Buffett speaks one-on-one with a group of delegates