Legislative Proceedings Through Wednesday

Brian Cain of Gettysburg wrote an update on legislature proceedings through today’s gathering.

The Boys’ State legislature’s session began by splitting into committees to read bills and either kill them or advance them to the general file. Sean Lindgren, a Boys’ Stater I spoke with, was assigned to the Government and Military Committee. One of the bills the committee debated and passed dealt with immigration amnesty for illegal aliens which would allow them to hold jobs if they also completed a number of hours of community service. Another was concerned with the government’s ability to use eminent domain with a few points to consider: the government would have to pay for the property they would leave behind, help with relocation, and assist the people being relocated in finding new jobs. Their final and likely most interesting bill was to have a dinner with the Girl Staters.  Lindgren’s last statement left a final note in my head. The “committees had really heated debates,” he said.

Delegates Vote in Gubernatorial Primary

Late this morning, delegates from all corners of the Boys’ State to cast their ballot in the primary election for governor.

Election officials from Bunker Hill, The Alamo, and Bunker Hill eagerly anticipate droves of voters:

A citizen of Belleau Wood carefully considers his decision:

A platoon of Bunker Hill ballot counters carefully tally-up the results:

This afternoon, the delegates will find out which two candidates made the cut. To see the candidates in the primary election, click HERE.

Gubernatorial Candidates Take Questions Before the Primary

Earlier this morning, gubernatorial candidates took questions from their parties, in hopes of gaining their vote. Gubernatorial candidates touched on such issues as capital punishment, green energy and ethanol, immigration, healthcare, life issues, tourism, the Nebraska economy, agriculture, and many others.

AJ Bradband of Alamo answering a question at the Federalist gathering

At the Nationalist Caucus, Cody Lindley (Yorktown) takes a question from a citizen of Manilla Bay

At the Nationalist Caucus, Taylor James (Alamo) asks a question of Andrew Prystai (Valley Forge)

Boys’ and Girls’ States Gather for a Band and Chorus Extravaganza

This evening witnessed a joint session of both American Legion Boys’ State and American Legion Auxiliary Girls’ State for a concert of the Boys’ and Girls’ State Band and Chorus.

For the male delegates, the evening really began with the arrival of the brilliant young women of Cornhusker Girls’ State:

Sitting in alternating  rows, the delegates sat eagerly awaiting the festivities. The wait was pleasantly shortened by an impromptu pep song and dance routine by the band. Their lively rendition of Hey Baby soon had the audience on their toes tapping and clapping to the music:

Taking the stage, the band performed a variety of classic and contemporary tunes, including many soloists, and finished with a stirring rendition of Dear Old Nebraska U:

Between the band and chorus performances, the delegates received an address from two star athletes from the Nebraska Women’s Basketball team and one from the Nebraska Volleyball team:

The chorus then took the stage and wowed the audience with its collective display of vocal talent, including a number of soloists. Their closing performance of an American tribute medley brought the audience to its feet:

The evening concluded with an address by Nebraska Governor David Heineman. Click the photo below to read the article about his evening address to the delegates.