Gubernatorial Candidates Debate in Kimball

After the address by Mr. Buffet, Gubernatorial candidates Lucas Fricke (Federalist) and Christian Mapes (Nationalist) faced-off in formal debate. While the delegates  held very similar positions on several issues, when the debate came to topics such as education, abortion, and the death penalty, there were clear divisions between the candidate’s beliefs. Both Lucas and Christian proved that they are excellent candidates for Governor. Best of luck, gentlemen!

Candidate Lucas Fricke of Valley Forge.

Candidate Christian Mapes from the Alamo.

Delegates ask the candidates questions.

Delegates ask the Candidates questions.

A Bunker Hill resident asks the candidates a question.

Delegates Visit State Capitol

This afternoon, the delegates marched from Harper to the Nebraska State Capitol Building. The legislature met in the Old Senate Chamber, while the court appointees met with J. Kirk Brown, Solicitor General of Nebraska. Other delegates met with members of the offices that they have been elected to or involved with this week. All of the delegates were also given a general tour of and were allowed to explore the beautiful capitol building itself, including the stunning view from its top. Seeing the center of the Nebraska State Government brought home the lessons the delegates have learned throughout the week.

The Front Facade of Nebraska’s Stunning Capitol Building.

2011 Cornhusker Boys’ State Assembles on the Capitol Steps.

Court Appointees listen to Mr. Brown the the Court Chamber.

Legislators Debate their Bills and Resolutions.

The Namesake of Nebraska’s Capitol, President Abraham Lincoln.

Former U.S. President Addresses Delegates

During their last session in Kimball this Friday evening, the delegates were privileged to an address by former U.S. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Of course, this was not the real president, but a historian and impersonator, who shared the key events from the American hero and legend’s life. While our soon-to-be graduates are focused on using their abilities to create a better future for our State, our Nation, and our world, it is also important that they remember the triumphs and tribulations of the past.


The former “President” addresses the delegates.

The delegates watch the “President” with excited interest.

New Governor Elected

The ballots have been counted and the winner of the 2011 Boys’ State Gubernatorial election is delegate Christian Mapes of The Alamo.  Congratulations Mr. Mapes, we look forward to seeing you next year!

Governor-elect Christian Mapes of the Alamo and Omaha.

Delegates Meet Howard W. Buffet

Early this Friday morning, after a welcome from UNL Chancellor Harvey Pearlman, Howard W. Buffet, Director of Agriculture Development at the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations at the United States Department of Defense, addressed the delegates in Kimball Hall. He shared his personal experiences and tips for success and answered questions from the delegates. In addition to his own incredibly successful career as a public servant, innovator, advisor, philanthropist, and even photographer, Mr. Buffet happens to be the grandson of Nebraska’s famous investor, industrialist, and philanthropist, Warren Buffet.