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General Election Results for State and County Offices


Lieutenant Governor – Doug Larsen

Secretary of State – Audel Salazar

State Treasurer – Misael Azpeitia

State Auditor – Spencer Morris

Attorney General – Koby Daniel Archuletta

Public Service Commissioners – Chris Lambrecht, Alec McCurdy, Jon Burr, Gabe Collins, Austin Pierce


County Sheriff – Blake Bunner

County Attorney – Paul Downey

County Clerk – Austin Heineman

Clerks of the District Court – John Foster, Justin Stagemeyer

County Treasurer – Ethan Hanson

State Board of Education – Nick Clayburn, Michael Echtenkamp, Josh Mooney

County Judge – Brian Vodvarka

County Superintendent of Public Instruction – Grant Beckman

Public Defender – William Justice Hastings


County Sheriff – Colton Hoover

County Attorney – Devin Schroeder

County Clerk – Andrew Pierce

Clerk of the District Court – Joshua Webb, Stuart Fritz

County Treasurer – Alex Hinton

State Board of Education – Grant Kros, Jacob McGinley, Ben Shelbourn

County Judge – John Pritchard

County Superintendent of Public Instruction – Blake Due

Public Defender – Texan Tonjee

Governor Heineman Continues Tradition

After a rousing concert performed by the Boys’ State / Girls’ State band and chorus, the honorable Governor Dave Heineman addressed a joint session of Cornhusker Boys’ and Girls’ State. His remarks were taken quite well, noted by the recurring applause and ovations from the audience. He rallied Husker camaraderie by voicing his support and enthusiasm for this coming football season in the Big Ten Conference. In his remarks, he also noted many aspects of his job as governor, including a trip to Blair earlier today to exam potential problems that Missouri River flooding will cause. After his address, Boys’ State and Girls’ State delegates had the opportunity to ask questions, and a wide range of topics were covered, from the Keystone Pipeline to education standards, from agro-terrorism to Westboro Baptist Church pickets.

Hon. Dave Heineman addresses the delegates.

The Governor Takes a Question on Stage

A Yorktonian asks the Governor a question.

Boys’ State Governor Nick Schreiner, Nebraska American Legion Commander Ron Corbett, and Boys’ State Corporation President Col. Randy Kaliff sit and enjoy the Governor’s address.

Hon. Dave Heineman addresses the delegates.


“Current Issues in Society” Challenges Delegates to Take on New Perspectives

In Kimball this afternoon, Boys’ State delegates first learned about how the Nebraska educational system is managed from Senator Greg Adams and Mr. Ken Bird. Then, they were challenged to look at things from a different perspective in a presentation on “Diversity in Leadership” by Frank LaMere, T.J. McDowell, Don Wesely, and Thomas Christie. Frank LaMere, a prominent activist and member of the Winnebago Tribe, asked the delegates to consider issues such as the flooding in Northeast Nebraska from the perspective of the first Americans. T.J. McDowell, a prominent educator, discussed how prejudice becomes discrimination and how to break down the barriers that such perceptions build between us. Don Wesely, former State Senator and Mayor of Lincoln, discussed how to be an open-minded leader. Thomas Christie, the diversity education coordinator for Lincoln Public Schools, urged delegates to step outside their comfort zone to learn about the diversity that is an integral part of America in the 21st century. The experience was certainly eye-opening for the boys and taught them ways in which they can become stronger and more considerate leaders who can bring about a brighter future.

Senator Greg Adams and Mr. Ken Bird.

Frank LaMere


Don Wesely

Thomas Christie

Delegates Divide and Conquer Workshop Sessions

This morning, Cornhusker Boys’ State delegates split into small groups to attend a session of their choice out of five simultaneous workshops. Some delegates elected to watch members of the Omaha Police Department Gang Unit discuss the problems caused by street gangs in Omaha. Others chose to attend a presentation on Afghanistan’s past, present, and future by Thomas Gouttierre, director of the Center for Afghan Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The presentation included a discussion of international terrorism and relations in the Middle East. Other delegates attended a session on campaign strategy by Executive Director of the Nebraska Republican Party, Jordan McGrain, while some chose to watch a presentation on communication by John Morrissey, who is a leadership trainer for Fortune 500 companies. For those delegates considering career paths involving the military, there was also a session for them to go and meet with recruiters to discuss the possibilities.

Member of the Omaha Police Department Gang Unit.

Delegates Learn about Gang Issues in Omaha.

Mr. John Morrissey, Leadership Trainer for Fortune 500 Companies.

Thomas E. Gouttiere, Director of the UNO Center for Afghan Studies.

Jordan McGrain, Executive Director of the Nebraska Republican Party

Legislature in Session

This afternoon, the 2011 Boys’ State Unicameral met in the first floor of the HSS Dining Hall to begin debating bills. The delegates divided into committees and began reviewing the numerous bills submitted by Boys’ State delegates. Like the Boys’ State financial system, the Legislature takes advantage of a realistic, fully-electronic voting system.