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Legislative Proceedings – June 6, 2013

Legislators had quite a productive day today, passing three bills and debating three others. The three bills that passed were LB78 which covers provisions of education reform, LB82 which covers certain elements of the Cornhusker Boys’ State check-in process, and LB63 which gives increased recognition to Cornhusker Boys’ State Bulletin columnists and editing staff. During their break, lobbyists from AgPAC and Educats talked with senators about pending legislation.


Legislators voting

Governor Perlinger Appoints Justices

Chief Justice Tanner Robbins


After interviews going into the evening on Wednesday, Governor Perlinger made judicial appointments Thursday morning. Justices began hearing cases Thursday afternoon. Below are the new justices of the Boys’ State judicial system.


Chief Justice:

Tanner Robbins (Valley Forge)


Washington County Associate Justices:

Patrick Nolan (Gettysburg)

Nick Roberts (Yorktown)

Rex McKeeman (Bunker Hill)


Lincoln County Associate Justices:

Joseph Benes (Bataan)

Shane Brichacek (Bataan)

Justin Larsen (Alamo)


Washington County District Judges:

Connor Merrill (Yorktown)

Austin Johnson (Bunker Hill)


Lincoln County District Judges:

Mason Lashley (Alamo)

Joel Schardt (Alamo)


Governor Perlinger interviews a judicial candidate

Gubernatorial Candidates Advance to General Election

Results from the gubernatorial primary are in! The following candidates will be on the general election ticket in tomorrow’s election.


Jacob Lambert (N)

Walter Paul (F)


These two candidates will square off for the first time tonight in their gubernatorial town hall debate.


Nationalist Candidate Jacob Lambert

Federalist Candidate Walter Paul

Cornhusker Boys’ State Elects State and County Officers

Results from this morning’s general election are in! Here is who you elected, Cornhusker Boys’ State:

State Office
Lieutenant Governor: Trenton Hays
Secretary of State: Zac Cote’
State Treasurer: Trevor Burr
State Auditor: Aaron Smith
Attorney General: Jack Graham
Public Service Commissioners:

Connor Barr
Trev Mumm
Zach Mumm
Benjamin Andrew Kruse
Tom Waldo


Washington County Office
County Sheriff: Seth Hackleman
County Attorney: Dylan Stuck
County Clerk: Cody Boche
Clerks of the District Court:

Trevor Benge
Quinn Michael Nelson

County Treasurer: Alex Hart
State Board of Education Representatives:

Daniel Allgood
Ty Ogden
Cole Weise

County Judge: Ethan Steiner
County Superintendent of Public Instruction: Jacob Burr
Public Defender: Caleb Compton


Lincoln County Office
County Sheriff: Tyler Ebeler
County Attorney: Zachary Kirby
County Clerk: Mark Dunn
Clerks of the District Court:

Seth Gohl
James P. Richards, Jr.

County Treasurer: Taylor Kubik
State Board of Education Representatives:

Connor Bentley
Dusty Chandler
Hayden Geis

County Judge: Jon Freese
County Superintendent of Public Instruction: Cole Beebe
Public Defender: Dan Helgenberger