Talent Show 2022

You never know what you’ll see at a Boys State talent show. We’ve seen Elvis impersonation, Rubix cube solving demonstrations, piano, comedy, guitars, singing, and other interesting talents. The 2022 edition featured some piano, trumpeter, singing guitarist, comedy skit, and vocalists.

Alamo – Town Champion 2022

Each year, eight Boys State towns compete for the coveted Town Championship trophy. Towns earn points during the week for various achievements. The big reveal happens during the graduation ceremony at Kimball Hall. Director Salak read the town names in order, starting with 8th place. The tension was palpable. When the final name was revealed, the men in red were throwing high-fives. Their fellow boys’ staters offered them respectful applause in appreciation of their efforts.

The 2022 town champion of American Legion Cornhusker Boys State is ALAMO! 

Supreme Court in a Grand Setting

The Cornhusker Boys’ State Supreme Court held hearings in the Supreme Court chambers at the Nebraska state capitol. This mock trial is the capstone of the Boys’ State judicial program.

Governor Vikram Menon

Vikram S Menon from Omaha’s Millard North High School was elected as the 80th Governor of American Legion Cornhusker Boys’ State. Vikram is a citizen of the Boys’ State town of Gettysburg.

Menon opposed Omaha Central’s Joshua King in the general election. King proudly represented the Boys’ State town of Bataan.

Congratulations to both of these fine young men!