CBS Athletics Opening Day

Opening day athletics for 2024 Cornhusker Boys Staters got into the action today as they took the field, stepped up to the plate, and hit the courts in competitions that pit their newly founded towns and teammates against each other. Camaraderie is palpable on each floor, that is evident. Chemistry among teammates are still in their early stages. With that said, some teams have gotten off to a very fast start, while others performances leave more to be desired. Results from day one are as follows:

Cornhusker Boys State 2024 In Session

The 2024 American Legion Cornhusker Boys’ State program is now in session. Boys State is a transformative program in Nebraska that immerses rising high school seniors in a week-long simulation of government and leadership. Founded in 1938, it aims to develop civic engagement, patriotism, and leadership skills. Participants engage in mock governance, campaign for office, draft legislation, and learn about democracy and public service. The program emphasizes practical leadership skills, teamwork, and networking, fostering lifelong friendships and professional connections. Attendees return to their communities empowered to make a difference, carrying with them the values of leadership and civic engagement instilled at Boys’ State.

Stars Shine Bright at CBS Event

Cornhusker Boys State held it’s second annual basketball and softball games and they truly were a star studded event! Softball was dominated by Team Troiola with a winning score of 11-2 in a game that truly was never in question. Basketball was a nail biter and came down to the wire. Team Troiola was leading by 15 points at halftime, but unfortunately they couldn’t hang on to seal the victory with a loss to team Succhi 60-66. Regular games will resume on Friday to determine the championships in each athletic area.

County District Courts Hear Cases

Court was in session today in the Troiolia and Suchy County District Courts. Following a day of research and preparation, each County Court heard three cases.

In Troiolia County District Court, District Judges Connor Janda (Alamo) and Logan Eggen (Alamo) with County Judge Lucas Bargen (Alamo) ruled on three cases.

In Suchy County District Court, District Judges Issac Hagen (Gettysburg) and Elio Nila (Gettysburg) with County Judge Henry Kumm (Gettysburg) ruled on three cases.

Additional proceedings will be heard by the State Supreme Court on Friday.

Judicial Committees Select Justices

On Tuesday, June 6 the judicial process kicked off as the Boys’ State Judicial Committees convened to review candidates seeking appointments for District Judge and for the State Supreme Court. Following committee interviews, finalist met with the Governor of Boys’ State for final selections. Final appointments are listed below.


2023 Cornhusker Boys’ State Final Judicial Appointments

Chief Justice

Regan D. vonRentzell – Bunker Hill

Associate Justices – Suchy County

Zachary Araujo – Gettysburg

Cooper Morgan – Yorktown

Gunnar Santelman – Bunker Hill

Associate Justices – Troiola County

Trenton James Carrizales – Manila Bay

Karson J. Peterson – Alamo

Charles Palmer – Belleau Wood

District Judges – Suchy County

Issac Hagen – Gettysburg

Elio A. Nila – Gettysburg

District Judges – Troiola County

Connor Janda – Alamo

Logan Eggen – Alamo


On Wednesday, June 7 the judicial program resumed as attorneys were assigned cases. Judges and attorneys then began researching and preparing for cases to be heard in the Suchy and Troiola County Courts.