Let the Fun Begin

The 79th annual session of American Legion Cornhusker Boys’ State is underway.  Towns are getting to know one another and starting to have some serious fun!  Today, Sen. Suzanne Geist visited the delegates elected to the Boys State Unicameral Legislature. This afternoon was also the first games for the town’s sports teams.  We finished the evening with an incredibly motivating message from Dr. Jo!


City and Legislative Election Results 2019

Election Results – City & Legislature 2019

Bunker Hill


William Eppert


School Board

Archer Vogt

Ben Anderjaska

Nolan Benjamin

Ian Lundquist

Jen Justo Jr.


City Council

Christian Steenbock

Alfonso Pena Lopez

Grant Orchard

Carlos Guitierrez

Bailey Waltke

Jade Paxton



Kalon Cooper

Ty Schneider

Cooper Sheets

Cole Hawk

Clay Curtis

Isaac Gleason


Belleau Wood



Evan Jolley


County Supervisor

Landon Stelling


School Board

Dylan Domeier

Davin Halmer

Trey Pursel

Zach Evans

Ethan Uhlir


City Council

Logan Weineke

Hunter Hoatson

Nolan Gleason

Matt Mittman

Sam Baumert

Jake Ridder



Sean Freudenburg

Tucker Wyatt

Jackson Habrock

Jake Hoy

Randy Rafert





Carter Wenburg


School Board

Eli Skalka

Eli Warnig

Dylan Dendinger

Tim Smith

Dean Moeller


County Supervisor

Alex Jarecke


City Council

Slate Kraft

Nathaniel Ruhrer

Trevor Ross

Stockton Graham

Damon Crawford

Jarnett Parsons



Charlie Gale

Daniel Guenther

Dalton Hellwege

Jack Nolley

Rhett Safranek

Nicholas Stoeckle


Manila Bay



Cordell Vrbka


County Supervisor

Wallace Wilkins III


School Board

Jorge Ibarra

Jacob Czarnick

Jacob Aitken

Nicholas Dungan

Trevor Young


City Council

Coley O’Halloran

Adam Nelson

Hayden Luttrell

Luke Henn

Rayford Turner

Camden Murphy



Samuel Banzhaf

Will Hagge

Patrick Hansen

Grant Jones

Tristan Nord

Blake Schroeder





Will Cook


County Supervisor

Adam Dreger


School Board

Connor Kelcary

Trevin Kotinek

Shaye Morten

Braden Eisenhauer

Trystain Roseberry


City Council

Tucker Alexander

Tanner Beltz

Sheldon Isom

Tim Karbler

Jacob Wendell

Brock Nollette



Timothy Renner

Jonathan Beyl

Colton Kaup

Dean Erdcamp

Ben Lussetto

Jonathan Garcia





Joseph Rodriquez


County Supervisor

Wyatt Olson


School Board

Zacob Evans

Brady Klein

Bradyn Whittington

Jackson Benson

Brady Steffen


City Council

Jonathan Moore

Claysen Davis

Riley Gaudreault

Casey Doernemann

Kyle Luebbe

Kel Underwood



Robert Taylor

Kolton Koubsky

Shawn Morales

Brian Johnson

Spencer Allen

Drake Vorderstrasse


Valley Forge



Connor Utech


School Board

Nick McElroy

Josh Eshleman

Castor Ruyle

Noah Okraska

Luke Kramer


City Council

Caden Kozisek

Tanner Lebo

Nathan Anderson

Nolan Webber

Alias Schumacher



Timothy Pfannenstiel Jr.

Jake Inthavongsa

Levi Meybrunn

Luis Hernandez

Sawyer Kappel

Jacob Roberts





Aidan Connolly


County Supervisor

Isaac Cary


School Board

Carter Miller

Joseph Aberle

Riley Books

Bradley Sullivan

Isaac Goff


City Council

Conor Ramold

Drew Haley

Ethan Twohig

Jagger Horken

Aidan Weidner

Branden Cavanaugh



Jackson Findlay

Juan Perez

Colton Nuttleman

Jackson Seward

Weston Jinks

Taylor Kumm

Mason Hamilton

A Third Choice?

By: Ryan Secord

Most Nebraskans know nothing beyond our two party system, hence why the Libertarians only have 13,500 members enrolled. While the party is the fastest growing in the state, it is far from having any mainstream appeal. Gene Siadek, the treasurer for the Nebraskan party came to speak to a full house of interested senators. Right off the bat, the lecture was interrupted by a test tornado warning and Gene used it as his first argument for why the government has too much meddling. He said that we are all intelligent enough to know if there is a tornado, but soon conceded the point that severe weather warning systems were important in society. To redeem himself, he headed a fiery debate over whether intense regulations on business was really necessary. He argued that consumers should have the final say in whether or not a business fails. He then went on to try to display what the Libertarian party stands for, and he answered a few questions along the way. In the end, Mr. Siadek accomplished his goal of informing the young men of Boys’ State that there is indeed a third choice.

Two Speakers, One Topic

By: Christian Dames

On Wednesday, the Boys’ Staters all had the opportunity to attend a breakout session. The boys were split into three groups.

Those that attended the session, titled “Issues Advocacy”, heard two speakers present on how each of their organizations practice promoting their ideas. Issues advocacy organizations choose to politically advertise a broad issue rather than a single candidate.

The first speaker was Vice President of the Nebraska Farm Bureau, Craig Head. Head discussed how the Farm Bureau works to push an agriculture agenda in government. This can take the form of bills that benefit agriculture businesses or lobbying at various offices.

Jason Valandra from Bold Nebraska spoke next. He shared that their main objective is to fight against the ongoing Keystone Pipeline project. They block progress in the Keystone Pipeline by promoting contrary arguments to the government.

The boys in attendance all came prepared with questions to ask the speakers.

It seems clear that the breakout sessions were an overall success with its participants gaining valuable perspectives on hot-button issues.

The Gift that Keeps Giving

By: Logan Thomas and Jaliya Nagahawatte

The connections at Boy’s state are ones that will last a lifetime. Generation after generation of fathers who went to Boys’ State will send their sons to Boys’ State. No family embodies that better than the Perlinger Family. Carrick Perlinger attended Boys state in 2012 and won Governor. However, when Carrick looks back at his time at CBS it’s not winning anything he remembers, it’s the bonds he formed at CBS. Those bonds have not only been formed when he was a Boys’ Stater but each time he came back as a counselor. Each time Carrick came back he experienced that same brotherhood. Carrick didn’t come back to sign bills and look pretty, he came back to shape the next line of men and let them have the same experience and bond. So when his twin younger brothers asked whether they should do Boys’ State it was an easy answer. This year all three brothers have experienced 2018 CBS. Aidon and Bennett (Carrick’s siblings) said that they saw what their brother spoke of immediately. This was not just some government camp to inspire, it went far deeper. Aidon spoke of how, unlike other camps, CBS is a brotherhood, one that exists due to the goodness of others. The Perlinger family is only one example of the legacy of CBS. A legacy that is maintained by the goodwill of others. Others who understand CBS isn’t about winning, its about uniting others and shaping a lifetime.