Keeping 400 Kids in One Piece

By: Coden Prokopec

With all of the fun and new things that have been experienced at Boys’ State so far, few have taken time to consider some of the work that goes on behind the scenes in the program. One vital member of the staff is Bill Montz, Chief Medical Officer. In an interview, Mr. Montz was happy to report that so far no major injuries have been reported. Mr. Montz generally deals with sprains, strains, cuts, and bruises. Most of these injuries seem to somehow mysteriously coincide with the 4 o’clock sports practice… Despite the obvious injuries he must attend to, Mr. Montz was concerned about one health issue enough to personally request its presence in this article. With temperatures pushing 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it is essential to stay hydrated throughout the day. Mr. Montz recommends drinking one liter of water every 2 hours, even if you are not thirsty. To those reading this and groaning with thinly veiled annoyance, Mr. Montz leaves these words: “Our goal is for everybody to have a safe and fun stay at Boys’ State.” So, in words of our Chief Medical Officer, “Hydrate or Die!”

Nationalists Position Strong

The Nationalist Platform meeting stated off with the party chairmen and secretary introducing each other and briefly going over Platform Meeting procedure. The first topic covered was the planks of the party–the main ideals. Examples included their stance on taxes, renewable energy, marijuana use, and other hard hitting topics. The most fascinating parts of establishing the party planks were the debate and discussion that were held. At times, they became a little heated but always very passionate. They then moved to introducing the candidates from Auditor to Lt. Governor. All positions had six or more candidates, which concluded with a question and answer session for the candidates. Once all the debates and introductions finished, they ended with a quick summary of the meeting.

Bataan, a wonderland for the outgoing

Coming from Lincoln, Nebraska, I have grown accustomed to being around a large variety of people, with different interests, backgrounds, etc. etc.; however, going to Northeast High School, it did not prepare me for what I have experienced here so far. The registration was not only organized and streamlined, but it was full of some of the most polite people I have had the pleasure of meeting, with such a surprising concentration of them under one roof. Aside from being polite, they were also extremely outgoing, each and every one of them excited to start talking to someone, anyone, who would listen. While every school has their collection of leaders and scholars, some more than others, seeing so many in one place was quite a surprise, but a welcome one. Specifically, Bataan has some of the most sincere, intelligent, ambitious and outgoing people I have ever seen assembled thus far, with a wide variety of origins that they have traveled far and wide from. Even though with such a variety of people, from very different places and with very different lives, they have been able to come together like they have lived down the street from each other for years. I can not speak for any other town, but Bataan certainly seems to have developed strong relationships already that will be interesting to see where they go. The future is unknown, but what seems to be already set in stone is that Bataan will grow unbreakable bonds, maybe even stronger than anywhere else.

Governor Knust Welcomes Delegates to 2018 Session

Hello all! My name is Riley Knust and, as the serving Governor, it is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to Cornhusker Boys State 2018. Going into Boys State last year, I didn’t really know what to expect. All I knew is that I’d play some sports, maybe run for an office, and meet some cool guys. I’m sure many of you are in the same spot. During this week, there will be a multitude of opportunities to better yourself while always having fun. The key to having a successful and memorable week here at Boys State is to simply get involved. Whether that be running for a town position, interviewing for the judicial branch, crafting and debating bills in the legislature, or maybe even running for Governor; there is a chance for you to experience something new, leave your mark, and come home with unique stories. None of that is what normal high school seniors do, but I urge you to get involved, you won’t regret it. This week you will learn how to be a good citizen, but I believe the greatest thing to take away is the connections and friendships you will make. I wish you all the best of luck and I look forward to seeing all your accomplishments!

Boys’ State Visits the Capitol

An annual tradition at Boys’ State is the Friday trip to the state capitol.  The legislature debates in the Warner chambers, the  judicial branch hears cases behind the bench in the supreme courtroom, and delegates meet senators for a unicameral update.  Additionally, a highlight is exploring the magnificent capitol building and catching a view from the observatory.