Delegate Campaigns Hit the Ground Running in City and Legislative Elections

Taking the race off the athletic field and onto the campaign trail, this year’s delegates swiftly started their fight for the offices of mayor, councilmen, and legislators, among others. The candidates can only hope that their strength and confidence will be enough to overcome the hurdles created by their peers’ tough questioning.

Delegates Arrive at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln for the 70th Annual Cornhusker Boys’ State

Delegates overlooking the ceremonious bell sitting atop the lectern at Kimball Hall.

Today the bell tolled from the lectern of Kimball Hall, marking the beginning of the 70th session of Cornhusker Boys’ State. On this day, 353 boys from high schools all across the state of Nebraska arrived at Schramm Hall preparing for an experience that could prove to be life-changing. Throughout the week, these boys will hear from some of the best speakers in the state (and beyond), engage in a large-scale political simulation of the Nebraska state government, and in the end, just one boy will emerge as governor of Boys’ State through 2011, and two will be selected for Boys’ Nation, an experience totally beyond comprehension. At today’s assembly, the boys heard from current Boys’ State governor Bryce Cain and from the 2010 Boys’ Nation representatives from the state of Nebraska, among others. Tonight the boys will have their first chance to emerge as leaders, as each town will elect their city councils and state legislature representatives. Check back for updates on those races and more throughout the week. Let Boys’ State 2010 begin!

Delegates of the 70th Annual Cornhusker Boys' State

Above: Delegates getting checked in

Below: Valley Forge and Bataan citizens get to know each other before the assembly

Flag Bearers Show Their Colors

Under the direction of 1Lt. Cale Farquhar (USACE), the eight-man volunteer color guard practiced the ceremonial raising and lowering of the United States Colors for the first time together.  Their emerging skills promise to raise our spirits and greatly honor our national banner this week.

From the Governor’s Desk: Sunday

Today has been quite fun in my opinion. Hopefully everyone can agree with me that we have a great week in store for us. I enjoyed meeting a few of you already and I’m excited to meet the rest of you in the coming days.

I know a lot of you probably walked in here today planning to run for governor, lieutenant governor, or some other “prestigious” office, but understand that chances are, so did  many others. Don’t let this discourage you from giving it your all, but be prepared with a backup plan to stay involved! For example, last year I participated in legislature and I greatly enjoyed it. Also, there are many opportunities with PACs and other activities.

Just so you are all aware, one of my responsibilities is to appoint judges. This includes the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, associate justices of the Supreme Court, and district judges. This will all be done through an interview process. If you are interested in any of these positions, be sure to file for appointment. This is done with the green form in your folder.

I’m very much looking forward to spending time getting to know all of you this week. If you have any questions feel free to come say hello. My room is 214. Thank you all so much!


Governor Bryce Cain

Oh, and by the way, chorus kids, way to go! I did chorus last year, and whether or not the other “boys staters” know it, they should be very jealous. You get to see the “girls staters” everyday 🙂