The “Red” Hug

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind. Always.

During Dr. Jo’s keynote address Monday evening she shared the touching story of her husband “Red” and an unexpected hug she received just two weeks after he passed. When Raymond “Red” Nauslar passed away on May 12th, 2014 Dr. Jo made the decision to still attend Boys’ State and give her keynote session, as she had numerous times. At the end of her 60 minute presentation, even though she gave her speech with the same energy and excitement as always, a Boys’ Stater sitting in the front row of Kimball Hall, an citizen of Alamo, raised his hand and said it looked like she needed a hug and asked if it would be alright if he gave her one. As Dr. Jo recalled tonight, that hug was the exact reason she decided to still speak to the delegates. “I needed you more than you needed me. I needed that hug.”

After Dr. Jo finished her talk and she walked back stage, she was greeted by counselors and staff congratulating her on another successful year when senior counselor, Landon Schmitt, approached her and let her know he was the stater 3 years ago who, while wearing the same color as her husband’s name, asked a simple question, but one that meant the world to a person in need. Dr. Jo’s face lit up and she embraced him. They spoke for a minute before Dr. Jo grabbed him by the hand and ran back out on stage to proudly introduce him to the delegation.

Landon Schmitt and Dr. JoAnne Owens-Nauslar

Dr. Jo Inspires and Excites Joint Session

The keynote session on Monday night was the always popular “Secure Your Own Mask, FIRST!” by Dr. JoAnne Owens-Nauslar. The dynamic speaker provided plenty of movement and motivation to the crowd of nearly 800 delegates. Dr. Jo’s message is about healthy lifestyles, both mental and physical health.


The Trouble with Flying Robots

Drone journalism was the topic at this mornings session in Kimball Hall.  Professor Matt Waite of the UNL Drone Journalism Lab engaged delegates in lively discussion regarding the challenges and opportunities presented by drone technology.  The discussion touched on topics like misconceptions about drone capabilities, practical applications in agriculture, and how technological advances can out paced regulation.

Opening Legislative Session

The 77th Cornhusker Boys’ State Legislative session opened up with a very informative and productive session featuring Senator Kate Bolz. This is her 3rd straight appearance discussing many pointers, mainly how a bill is drafted and worked through all the way in to legislation. She also discussed some very interesting topics, including her route to becoming a politician, and gave some pointers on how to compromise with Senators whom have differing views.

Senator Kate Bolz of the 29th Legislative District


Our second session of the day included electing our Legislative Leadership; the Speaker of the House, Clerk, Sergeant at Arms, and Chaplain. We had many individuals who expressed interest, shared experience, and demonstrated their passion and backgrounds to get them elected. Those getting elected include:

Speaker of the House:  Leon Linhart      Gettysburg
Clerk:                               Blake Riley        Belleau Wood
Sergeant at Arms:        Kevin Downs     Belleau Wood
Chaplin:                          Max Nemec        Manilla Bay

Speaker of the House: Leon Linhart, Gettysburg

We ended our second session of the first day by breaking in to committees, where we will resume our next session at. Senators have over 100 bills to sort through and coordinate with the correct committee in order to get our top 3 priority bills per each committee.

Below is a roster of our 2017 Senators for the 77th Legislative Session of Cornhusker Boys State.

Bunker Hill:   Luke Peter, Jaden Feeney, Vasili Sgourakis, Garrett Savick, Brette Petersen, Bryce McClaren

Valley Forge:  Gregory Kipp, Ambrose Bykerk, Jacob French, Nathan Weidner, Ryan Chapman, Ryan Kisker

Yorktown: Kade Wehrs, Grant Moody, Oliver Borchers-Williams, Max Hansen, Colton Thompson, Brent Lucke

Gettysburg:  Thomas McFarland, Jose Vazquez, Jake Sykora, Leon Linhart, Michael McClellen, Daniel Fu

Alamo:  Nicholas Koehler, William Stout, Alexander Porter, Samuel Johnson, Grant Hallstrom, Isaac Stallbaumer

Manila Bay: Kaleb Kindler, Max Nemec, Ross Adkins, Joel Moeller, Wesley Wach, Caleb Sudbeck

Bataan: Peter Owens, Noah Anderson, Noah Keck, Colby Sluka, Ethan Carlson, Riley Mrvicka, Shane Feller

Belleau Wood:  Jack Kohl, Kevin Downs, Logan Greenlee, Blake Riley, Galdino Guzman, Ehric Strope

Town Historians Dig Up Past

The 77th session of Boys State is beginning a new program – to uncover the past. At least one citizen from each of the 8 towns are known as the Historians and have began looking at their town’s namesake. The historians will also be conducting interviews with current staters and alumni. If you have an idea for a story for them, please find your town Historian. Find out the history of your town.

Historian Tom Lundberg of Belleau Wood