Dr. Jo Energizes Cornhusker Boys’ and Girl’s State…Yet Again!

Dr. Joanne Owens- Nauslar, a Cornhusker Boys’ and Girl’s State institution, once again dominated the main stage in impressive fashion! For over two decades, “Dr. Jo” has delivered the message that “elements of wellbeing include health and humor.” She also points out that “the flight attendant reminds us to secure our own masks first before we help others. Therefore, healthy and active living should be daily priorities!”

Dr. Jo’s keynote address is traditionally a joint session with Boys’ and Girl’s State. What a great way to start the week!






City Election Results 2022

The Results Are In

(Mayors of Cornhusker Boys’ State 2022)

Cornhusker Boys’ State delegates have to hit the ground running. Last night, they did just that. Each town held elections to form its city government. Today these new governments will attend “how-to” workshops followed by hands-on simulation.

Town Election Results 2022

Bunker Hill 2022 Town Election Results

Valley Forge 2022 Town Election Results

Yorktown 2022 Town Election Results

Gettysburg 2022 Town Election Results

Alamo 2022 Town Election Results

Manila Bay 2022 Town Election Results

Bataan 2022 Town Election Results

Belleau Wood 2022 Town Election Results

(City election campaigning in Belleau Wood)

We’re Back!

The 2022 session of Cornhusker Boys’ State is officially open!


Since 1938, American Legion Cornhusker Boys’ State has been an annual tradition for Nebraska high school juniors. Today we celebrate the start of our 80th annual session. If you’ve noticed that math doesn’t add up, well done! Boys State took two years off during World War II and missed two more sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ever onward, we’re back and determined to deliver another world-class session in 2022!¬† The delegates will be immersed in a state and local government simulation experience. This exercise in citizenship is complimented by athletic competition, music, and journalism programs. Our hope for this session is for the delegates to experience a week to shape a lifetime.

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