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Statewide Campaign Tour

Campaigning for state and county offices was in full swing today.  Candidates traveled from town to town, engaging local delegate to share their campaign message.  Results of the primary election will be posted later today.


Nationalists & Federalists?

Cornhusker Boys State is randomly divided into two political parties, Nationalists and Federalists.  The two parties start with a blank platform.  Party members work to adopt “planks” of the platform at their conventions.  Following the  party conventions, candidates for various state offices offered remarks and answered questions from thier fellow citizens.  The primary election, for everything except Governor, will be held on Tuesday June 5th.


Drones At Boys State

Professor Matthew Waite of the UNL College of Journalism’s Drone Lab visited Boys State on Monday.  Professor Waite touched on issues of privacy, regulation, and applications for drone technology.