Nationalist Party Lays the Foundation for a Sturdy Platform

Tonight, members of the Nationalist Party met on the second floor lounge of Schramm Hall.  Guided by the expertise of Redcoat Marcus Donner and the insights of Governor Bryce Cain, the delegates set about establishing their key beliefs and stances. Their first order of business, however, was to elect a Chairman and Secretary to lead their meeting. Chosen for the esteemed position of Chairman was Adam Stolzer of Bataan.

Filling the equally prestigious position of Secretary was Nicholas Pease of Bunker Hill.

Their officers having taken command, the delegates began tossing about general ideas on what they wished to stand for and accomplish as a party this week. Among the ideas they discussed were education, healthcare, gun rights, alternative energy, cleaner environment, agricultural subsidies and tax breaks, balancing the budget, legalization of gambling, bringing-in and keeping jobs in Nebraska, supporting the armed forces, international trade, web technologies, life issues, and public safety. Fierce debate ensued between the delegates as each member vied to state his case for the best platform.

In the end, the leadership of Stolzer and Pease, coupled with the guidance of Counselor Donner and Governor Cain, helped the party to overcome many of its members’ differences and construct a solid groundwork. Tomorrow afternoon, the parties will meet in full force to lay the planks atop the foundation laid tonight.