Bunker Hill Elects Local Officials and Representatives

City election results are in! Here are the winners of the Bunker Hill elections.

Mayor: Tanner Byrd

City Council: Cody Boche, Paul Weber, Kalen Kasik, Ethan Gibbens, Riley Noel, Aiden Clarke

County Supervisor: Kyle Anderson

School Board: Kaden Ellis, Drew Zitek, Austin Johnson, Zack Blase, Troy Ebel

Senators: John Marquardt, Zach Geist, John Michael Hogue, Izak Wilcynski, Leo Haselhorst, Dakota Kenton


Mayor Tanner Byrd

Carrick Perlinger Elected Governor of Cornhusker Boys’ State


Congratulations to Carrick Perlinger of Valley Forge on his recent election to the office of Cornhusker Boys’ State Governor. Governor-Elect Perlinger comes to us from Paxton, Nebraska and will be formally sworn into office tomorrow morning in front of the entire delegation. Perlinger will serve as Governor into June of 2013.

Governor-Elect Carrick Perlinger

Gubernatorial Candidates Debate in Kimball Hall

On Friday morning, gubernatorial candidates Carrick Perlinger and Brent Comstock debated in Kimball Hall, just an hour before the gubernatorial general election. Each candidate voiced their opinion on the various issues facing our state, including the Keystone XL Pipeline, agriculture, marijuana usage, caffeine-related illness, and personal views in politics, among others. Check back later today for the results of this election!

Gubernatorial Candidates Square Off in Town Hall Debate

On Thursday evening, gubernatorial candidates Carrick Perlinger and Brent Comstock squared off in their first of two debates before the general election for Cornhusker Boys’ State Governor. This debate was in a town hall format, with 2-5 delegates from each town in attendance asking questions. Both delegates seemed to have a great grasp on the issues facing our state, which will make for a very interesting debate tomorrow morning.

Cornhusker Boys’ State Delegates Elected to State and County Offices

Results from this morning’s election are in! Here is who you elected, Cornhusker Boys’ State:

State Office
Lieutenant Governor: Henry Hawbaker
Secretary of State: Charles Bogatz
State Treasurer: Seamus Koch
State Auditor: Phillip J. Sweet
Attorney General: Colton Steer
Public Service Commissioners:

Sam Behrends
Jacob Kuntz
Riley Lambrecht
David Mueller
Nolan Schroeder

Washington County Office
County Sheriff: Lyle Kwiatkowski
County Attorney: Jack Thompson
County Clerk: Cole Lambrecht
Clerks of the District Court:

Kenneth Brandl
Michael T. Lucas

County Treasurer: Clayton Schmitt
State Board of Education Representatives:

Zachary Duffy
Kyle Kumpf
Cody Richards

County Judge: Mitch Kampschnieder
County Superintendent of Public Instruction: Ryan Burdine
Public Defender: Ethan Haussermann

Lincoln County Office
County Sheriff: Sage Gideon
County Attorney: Taylor Nielson
County Clerk: Jacob Bliss
Clerks of the District Court:

Brett Finke
Nicholas Flamme

County Treasurer: Trent Richardson
State Board of Education Representatives:

Jared Ahmann
Cody Engelman
Connor Zimmer

County Judge: Anthony E. Weber
County Superintendent of Public Instruction: Luke Johnson
Public Defender: Jordan Cox