Gubernatorial Candidates Take Questions Before the Primary

Earlier this morning, gubernatorial candidates took questions from their parties, in hopes of gaining their vote. Gubernatorial candidates touched on such issues as capital punishment, green energy and ethanol, immigration, healthcare, life issues, tourism, the Nebraska economy, agriculture, and many others.

AJ Bradband of Alamo answering a question at the Federalist gathering

At the Nationalist Caucus, Cody Lindley (Yorktown) takes a question from a citizen of Manilla Bay

At the Nationalist Caucus, Taylor James (Alamo) asks a question of Andrew Prystai (Valley Forge)

Political Action Committee Fair

On Wednesday morning, Political Action Committees held an event to meet with voters and candidates in upcoming elections. Each PAC had a booth that delegates came to and talked about the issues and the candidates in the elections. Through this event, the PACs became better acquainted with general election candidates, gubernatorial candidates, and their stances on the issues, and the partnerships developed through this event could really influence the outcomes of the elections as PACs now have a better idea of which candidates they’d like to support through advertising and by other means. Here are some photo highlights of the event.

Turn This Blank Canvas Into Your Own Campaign/PAC Ad!

Attention: all candidates for office and Political Action Committees! Would you like to get your message across? Why not advertise right here on the blog? This blog is viewed by delegates at the terminals on all floors of Schramm Hall and can fit an incredible amount of text and pictures! If this is something that interests you, visit the blog office on the first floor of Schramm Hall for more details. It is the first glass office past the restrooms.

Primary Election Results of State Ticket

Tuesday afternoon, delegates voted in primary elections for their state ticket to narrow the playing field down for Thursday’s general election. Here’s what will be on Thursday’s ballot.

Lieutenant Governor:

Nationalist Colton Fales vs. Federalist Nicholas Matthew Brady

Secretary of State:

Nationalist Stephen Woods vs. Federalist Alex Wessels

State Treasurer: Nationalist Seth Skibinski of Gettysburg vs. Federalist Wyatt Schuettler of Bunker Hill

State Auditor: Nationalist Drew Fairchild-Flynn of Yorktown vs. Federalist Tanner Ahrens of Bunker Hill

Attorney General:

Nationalist Andrew Brittenham vs. Federalist Clay Roubal

Public Service Commissioner (Vote for 5):

Nationalists Tony Batenhorst (Valley Forge), Aaron Brown (Gettysburg), John Gibbs (Bataan), Adam Werner (Bataan), Colton Wilson (Bataan)

Federalists James Brown (Alamo), Isaac Hunke (Manila Bay), Luke Miller (Bataan), Daniel Trost (Alamo), Thomas Vonderfecht (Bunker Hill)

Counties Hold Primary Election

This afternoon, citizens of Washington and Lincoln Counties crowded the first floor of Schramm and the HSS Dining Center to cast their vote in the Primary Election for State offices.

Lincoln County election officials from Belleau Wood sit in anticipation of the coming droves of eager voters:

A drove of Manilla Bay voters consider their final decision:

Washington County delegates outside of the polling center awaiting the opening of the polls:

Valley Forge citizens entering to grab their ballots and cast their votes:

Gettysburg citizens at the polls:

Lincoln County ballot counters carefully tally up the ballots:

The process finished, the candidates can only wait in uncertain anticipation until the results are posted later this afternoon.