Nationalists & Federalists?

Cornhusker Boys State is randomly divided into two political parties, Nationalists and Federalists.  The two parties start with a blank platform.  Party members work to adopt “planks” of the platform at their conventions.  Following the  party conventions, candidates for various state offices offered remarks and answered questions from thier fellow citizens.  The primary election, for everything except Governor, will be held on Tuesday June 5th.


Nationalist Party Convention

By: Ezekeial Aleo

Tuesday morning was the beginning of the Nationalist Party convention. Topics ranging from GMOs to education reform were discussed. The most heated topics were GMOs and the Second Amendment. In the end, out of the five topics discussed, three remained the same, one was amended, and the other was completely removed.
After the platform was discussed, possible party candidates gave their speeches on the execution of the platform. The position of Lt. Governor was sought after by six candidates who all gave amazing speeches, but, in the end, Kevin Downs won. For the position of Secretary of State there were eight potential candidates, but only Jose Vazquez won. The race for Attorney General consisted of seven Candidates–all who showed great promise. Issac Buitron ultimately rose to the top to take the position. There were three potential Auditors with Nathan Weidner taking the position. Out of eight candidates the position of Treasurer went to Kaleb Kindler. While Public Service Commissioner may have been the last position, it was by no means unimportant with six candidates running, and Jarred Baumert, Issac Stallbaumer, Jacob French, Paxton Myers, and Garett Savick all winning.

2015 Primary Election Results

The results of the primary election are as follows:

State Ticket

Lieutenant Governor

National – Dylan France

Federal – John Stuart

Secretary of State

National – Adam Mulin

Federal – Edward Li

State Treasurer

National – Connor Cross

Federal – Austin Hillman

State Auditor

National – Joe Taylor

Federal – Andrew Bauer

Attorney General

National – Gage Hamilton Bellamy

Federal – Andrew Stone

Public Service Commissioner

National – Matthew Ferguson

National – Justin Moore’

National – Chris Peterson

National – Stuart B. Rohr

National – Paul A. Swope

Federal – Dalton Anderson

Federal – Tanner Johnson

Federal – Zach Martin

Federal – Wyatt J. McLeod

Federal – Matthew Schwab

Washington County

County Sheriff

National – Adam C. Atkinson

Federal – Ryan Jurgenson

County Attorney

National – Kendall Dickson

Federal – Hunter Coats

County Clerk

National – Jason Gutz

Federal – Jared Shipp

Clerk of the District Court

National – Zach Kitten

Federal – Wyatt Peterson

National – Caleb Krohn

Federal – Alex Teano

County Treasurer

National – Leo Van Horn

Federal – Tanner Magid

Washington County Non-Political

Members of State Board of Education

Brice Barney

Alan Lee

Jacob Lunkwitz

Bryce Sahs

Zach Whipps

Bryce Zweiner

County Judge

Tyler Connelly

Seth Kirkegaard

Public Defender

Kadin Copeland

Travis Schwartz

Lincoln County

County Sheriff

National – Ben Miles

Federal – Dylan Brockhaus

County Attorney

National – Ryly Dugan

Federal – Ryker Dischler

County Clerk

National – Collin Swedberg

Federal – Jeremiah Dickinson

Clerk of the District Court

National – Brandon Schroeder

Federal – William Kusant

National – Jared Stauffer

Federal – Benjamin A. Murphy

County Treasurer

Federal – Caleb Eckel

National – Riley Coy

Lincoln County Non-Political

Members of State Board of Education

Austin Diedrichsen

Cadet Fowler

Joshua Garcia

Rusty D. Hermsmeyer

Payton Stone

Matt Sweet

County Judge

Cade Kalkowski

Justice Palmer

Public Defender

Jorge Adame

Cody Mueller

Gubernatorial Candidates Advance to General Election

Results from the gubernatorial primary are in! The following candidates will be on the general election ticket in tomorrow’s election.


Jacob Lambert (N)

Walter Paul (F)


These two candidates will square off for the first time tonight in their gubernatorial town hall debate.


Nationalist Candidate Jacob Lambert

Federalist Candidate Walter Paul