Gubernatorial Candidates File for Ballot

Earlier this evening, sixteen boys came forward with the backing of their parties and towns and formally announced their interest in running for state governor by filing for the ballot. Each boy will campaign for their party’s vote until the Thursday gubernatorial primary, at which point one boy will represent each party, and they will have just one more day to campaign to the whole delegation of Cornhusker Boys’ State. After an hour and a half debate Friday morning, the vote will take place, leaving only one boy to become Boys’ State Governor 2010-2011. Here are the candidates.

Nationalist Party:

Nick Gabriel, Bunker Hill

Andrew Prystai, Valley Forge

Cody Lindley, Yorktown

Logan Baker, Gettysburg

Taylor James, Alamo

Jake Nelson, Manila Bay

Daniel Carlson, Bataan

Steven Craig, Belleau Wood

Federalist Party:

Peter Lopez, Bunker Hill

Nick "Nickit" Schreiner, Yorktown

Ben Crelin, Gettysburg

AJ Braband, Alamo

Taylor Menke, Manila Bay

Alejandro Ramirez, Manila Bay

Evan Bartels, Bataan

Brennan Costello, Belleau Wood

From the Governor’s Desk: Monday

Hello once again! As we begin to wind down here on Monday night, there are still a few key things that need to get accomplished. We have our platform meetings and then I will be interviewing and appointing people to positions in the Judicial Branch.

The party platform meetings are very important. Last year when I participated in the meeting, we outlined a platform that the candidates used later in the week in their campaigns and speaking points. It’s important that you create a favorable platform that is well-liked and not too specific so that it is easy to support when going up against the opposing party. You have to remember, it is fairly important that you support your party as much as possible.

On a lighter note, today you all had the amazing opportunity to hear from JoAnne Owens-Nauslar. She is an outstanding and unbelievably motivating person. Do not take lightly the things she had to say. Hopefully you took notes!

As you all prepare to transition into tomorrow (a very important day for campaigners) think about what roles you can play in someone’s campaign. If you are not running for a state office, consider helping someone and being their campaign manager or something similar. I know that I wouldn’t have had a chance at winning the election had it not been for my good friend Wyn Wiley last year who believed in me from day one. He headed up my campaign and as a result, freed me up to meet people and campaign in person the entire time.

Maybe your job this week is to be someone’s Wyn Wiley. Maybe it isn’t. Whatever your goals and aspirations are this week, enjoy them and give them your all. This week will be over before you know it and you don’t want to leave with any regrets.

Oh by the way, last year as a “Boys Stater” I discovered that if you fill a cup with ice cream and milk at lunch, all you need to do before having a quality milkshake at your disposal is stir it up with some sort of utensil (I prefer forks).

Delegate Campaigns Hit the Ground Running in City and Legislative Elections

Taking the race off the athletic field and onto the campaign trail, this year’s delegates swiftly started their fight for the offices of mayor, councilmen, and legislators, among others. The candidates can only hope that their strength and confidence will be enough to overcome the hurdles created by their peers’ tough questioning.