School Boards Learn and Interact

Last night each city elected five members to serve on their school board.  Today, delegates attended an educational workshop to learn about how school boards work and to discuss current issues facing school districts.   Marsha Herring of the Nebraska State School Boards Association gave an interactive presentation covering procedures, regulations, and hot topics in the world of education. She addressed several topics with the new board members asking, “what do you think a school board should do?”  Mrs. Herring serves 1700 school board members across Nebraska providing them education and support.

Following the workshop, delegates will hold their own school board meetings to practice what they’ve learned.

Alamo Allies with other Towns

By: Dash Wedergren

Party leaders in the Alamo Nationalist wing convened with standout Alamo candidates for an assessment of strengths and coverage of positions late Monday night. After taking extensive notes on prominent candidates from other Towns in the previous night’s platform meeting, Alamo representatives met with representatives from Yorktown. The meeting yielded an Alamo endorsement of Yorktown’s Lieutenant Governor candidate and Yorktown’s support for several lower level Alamo candidates. Nicholas McConnell, a leader in the Alamo-Yorktown negotiations commented, “We value the bilateral negotiation we drafted with Yorktown and will be looking for more opportunities to cross-endorse in the future.”

Alamo Elects Local Officials and Representatives

City election results are in! Here are the winners of the Alamo elections.

Mayor: Dominic Naughtin

City Council: Nicholas McConnell, Zachary Dietrich, Alex Hagerbaumer, Hayes Oswald, Brady Brockhaus

County Supervisor: Isaac Woita

School Board: Shayden Neptune, Zane Goldfish, William Turner, Dalton Tremayne, Preston Rice 

Senators: Nicholas Koehler, William Stout, Alexander Porter, Samuel Johnson, Grant Hallstrom, Isaac Stallbaumer


Alamo Elects Local Officials and Representatives

City election results are in! Here are the winners of the Alamo elections.

Mayor: Walter Paul

City Council: Warren Bable, Alec Wilcox, James Scarlett, Justin Larsen, Brandon Ward, Tom Hawbaker

County Supervisor: Ryan Quiring

School Board: Dusty Chandler, Tyler Ebeler, Jon Freese, Joey Geisler, Kolton Dubs

Senators: Barry Ehlers, Austin Seagren, Steve Marcellus, Cain Haschke, Scott Smith, Alex Souliere


Mayor Walter Paul