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Alamo Elects Local Officials and Representatives

City election results are in! Here are the winners of the Alamo elections.

Mayor: Jared Sanford

City Council: Ben Grossnicklaus, Jessi Owen, Trent Braun, Ben Smith, Cody Thorson, David Moss

County Supervisor: Matt Bennet

School Board: Connor Zimmer, Jared Cunningham, Hung Vo

Senators: Trevor Sorensen, Kyle Loecker, Trevor Steinkruger, Alfonso Maciel, Lincoln Ruybalid, Robert Lowe








Mayor Jared Sanford

Gubernatorial Candidates Debate in Kimball

After the address by Mr. Buffet, Gubernatorial candidates Lucas Fricke (Federalist) and Christian Mapes (Nationalist) faced-off in formal debate. While the delegates  held very similar positions on several issues, when the debate came to topics such as education, abortion, and the death penalty, there were clear divisions between the candidate’s beliefs. Both Lucas and Christian proved that they are excellent candidates for Governor. Best of luck, gentlemen!

Candidate Lucas Fricke of Valley Forge.

Candidate Christian Mapes from the Alamo.

Delegates ask the candidates questions.

Delegates ask the Candidates questions.

A Bunker Hill resident asks the candidates a question.

Alamo Citizens Elect City Officials

City election results are in! Here are the winners of Alamo elections.

Mayor: Trevor Anderson

City Council: Josh Edger, Dustin Hahn, John Lawson, Brad Meusch, Audel Salazar, Spencer Skolout

County Supervisor: Brendon Henning

School Board: Michael Brodd, Keelan Chapman, Chad Simmons

Senators: Andrew Armatys, William Crosier, Keenan Hahn, Hans Hansen, Matthew Harms, Christian Mapes

Mayor Trevor Anderson

Lincoln County Officials Elected

Congratulations to the following people who have won elections and positions in Lincoln County.

County Sheriff: Jack Dodson

County Attorney: Ben Tolliver

County Clerk: Keaton Klein

Clerk of the District Court: Gage Baker and Micah Chvatal

County Treasurer: Joseph Murnan

State Board of Education Members: Luke Castner, Ben Dobson, Brandon Herrick

County Judge: Klayton Kasik

County Superintendent of Public Instruction: Jordan Morrill

Public Defender: Isaac Haahr

Belleau Wood citizens cast their votes