Belleau Wood Elects City Officials

City election results are in! Here are the winners of Belleau Wood elections.

Mayor: Brennan Costello

City Council: Jordan Schulz, Luke Svehla, Enrique Perdoma, Zach Taylor, Josh Bocy, Ben Ross

County Supervisor: John Kolbo

School Board: Quinton Bolejack, Ben Dobson, Clay Roubel

Brennan Costello, Mayor-elect of Belleau Wood, made this statement: “As newly elected Mayor I will listen and examine my towns needs and wants and work towards meeting all of those [sic].”

Mayor Brennan Costello

Delegate Campaigns Hit the Ground Running in City and Legislative Elections

Taking the race off the athletic field and onto the campaign trail, this year’s delegates swiftly started their fight for the offices of mayor, councilmen, and legislators, among others. The candidates can only hope that their strength and confidence will be enough to overcome the hurdles created by their peers’ tough questioning.